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Genetic Recoding & The 7-step 

Panacea System for Participants

Genetic Recoding® is a comprehensive therapeutic process that naturally re-codes negatively inherited subconscious beliefs and activates gene potential by starting at the root of core issues and genetically transferred dispositions. It is an advanced holistic therapy and stand-alone process that can additionally be used as an adjunct therapy with other healing modalities and therapy programs typically used in professional healing practices & consulting careers.


The purpose of Genetic Recoding® is to empower professionals, individuals, couples, and families to leverage advanced healing tools that will enable participants to successfully live their ideal reality, liberating families and future generations!

Genetic Recoding ForParticipants

Genetic Recoding for Participants is ideal for those seeking life mastery through fast-track healing solutions. It covers the complete 7-step PANACEA system to reprogram your subconscious mind to enable you to overcome childhood conditioning, inherent self-defeating and relationship patterns as a chain-breaker with generational healing, and helping you dive deeper to fulfill your purpose and unlock your potential!. The Genetic Recoding course for Participants is perfect for individuals, couples, and families, healing and liberating the entire generation system! 

Participants can advance to one of the accredited practitioner programs with our Participant-to-Practitioner course should the participant decide to upgrade to one of the certifying, practitioner courses without repeating prerequisite course material. Course Members are given the option to upgrade if they wish. Click below to go to the Participant Courses.

Accredited Practitioner eCourses For Professionals
Professional Diploma Courses,
Genetic Recoding & the
7-Step PANACEA system for Practitioners
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