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Break CoDependency and Relationship Patterns with Genetic Recoding eCourse

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Break CoDependency and Relationship Patterns with Genetic Recoding eCourse


Corinne & Camille

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Break codependency patterns and cycles within primary relationships, overcome unhealthy entanglements and power struggles along with repeat habits of rescuing or enabling using a complete 7-Step PANACEA System and workbook in this eCourse, "Overcome Codependency and Relationship Patterns with Genetic Recoding". This eCourse includes a relationship triangle conceived by Dr. Stephan Karpman, Camille Sullivan, and Corinne Sullivan.

Discover common examples of how we unconsciously operate from fear within our relationships, which only works to our disadvantage by depending on others. Perceived voids from unmet needs persist throughout our life that we seek to fill and compensate within primary relationships, which then creates power struggles until we break the destructive pattern. That is, change our genetic programming by genetically recoding the psychological programs to produce lasting, favorable outcomes.

Learn how you can leave the game and empower your relationships by utilizing 7-effective steps and therapeutic strategies to heal inter-relational dynamics. Relationships can take many forms such as marriage and romantic partnerships, business relationships, contracts, negotiations, and legal agreements. Our varied relationships require us to cooperate to a greater or lesser degree in our transactions with one another. Parent-child-sibling relationships play a primary role in shaping us into who we are today; forming a foundation to catalyze our growth potential. Conflicts and tension within partnerships can serve to teach us important lessons, most often through resistance, challenging us to grow. Why do we continue to attract certain types of people and repeat lessons in our life? Do you recognize any relationship or behavioral patterns in your own life?

This eCourse provides solutions that are designed to help you course-correct to establish successful and conscious inter-relational dynamics within primary relationships. The 7-Step PANACEA Workbook Model included in this course will guide you to transform your primary relationships from cycles of conflict and resentment to that of establishing mutual unconditional love, and reassuring healthy partnerships. By validating your own self-worth you will change the inner game operating from your real internal power with self-love and confidence.

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