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Practicum Training

Private 1:1 Sessions Included in Advanced Holistic Psychology Practitioner Diploma Course

Service Description

The Practitioner Practicum program is included in the Advanced Holistic Psychology and Holistic Practitioner Certification courses. (*For the Advanced Practitioner eCourse only. Additional sessions can be purchased in the Pay Per Session for Practitioners). Our Practitioner Practicum program will help you become a skilled practitioner equipped with the knowledge and tools to run a successful professional practice. Program Overview: -Facilitation Skills: Learn how to facilitate sessions and effectively run a professional practice, guiding clients toward their wellness goals with confidence and competence. -Professional Training: Receive comprehensive orientation and training with your practitioner manual and business-in-a-box, covering essential topics to enhance your skills and manage your practice effectively. -Group Workshop Leadership: Gain expertise in leading workshops and group sessions, engaging with diverse audiences and delivering impactful presentations. -Ethical Practices: Understand the importance of ethical practices, including the use of disclaimers and non-disclosure methods to ensure compliance with rules, laws, and regulations. -Best Practices: Discover how to maintain best practices, fostering trust and credibility with your clients while upholding high standards of professionalism. -1 on 1 Client Work: Master the art of working with clients on an individual bases, building rapport, and providing personalized support to facilitate their path toward wellness. -Documentation and Confidentiality: Learn about consent forms and confidentiality agreements, ensuring the protection of client information and maintaining privacy. The Advanced Holistic Psychology & Holistic Practitioner Course Includes: -A Digital and/or Downloadable Therapeutic Workbook, -A Comprehensive Personal Guide to Genetic Recoding containing the full 7-Step PANACEA Model, -Done-for-you, business-in-a-box with modules, legal templates and assessment forms, and downloadable PDFs to start or advance your healing profession right away, -A Practitioner Manual with complete therapeutic workbook strategies, and course exercises that include step-by-step guidance for you, your clients, and your professional practice. -Eligibility within 8 weeks for an internationally-accredited diploma upon successful completion of the course and preliminary exam to increase qualification, skills, and income reach as a certified practitioner!

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