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Soul Work through Generational Healing

Title: Soul Work Through Generational Healing

A guide to overcome the core/root self-defeating and sabotage patterns by living in higher consciousness and self-awareness.

Master Your Soul Work Through Generational Healing

If there is anything you desire to create and manifest & call in and it hasn’t manifested, then you have soul blocks or limited beliefs coming from generational fear, aka “the ego”, self-sabotage, not feeling good enough or worthy to receive more. If this resonates, then you’re blocking your souls flow state of abundance, state of receiving, infinite possibilities and all that’s available to you at any given moment. We are either open minded or resistant, stagnant or in the flow, expanding or contracting, evolving or devolving. Nothing in between.

An Extraordinary mind & extraordinary life begin with spiritual mastery. If we are to attain any development in the domain of emotional, physical or mental excellence, we must begin with the foundation of connecting to the inner realm of spiritual consciousness. I.e., Soulwork

Synopsis: Core healing techniques to overcome limiting beliefs, fears and negative patterns with ease by healing the core generational blocks to fulfill your potential and soul purpose.

  • Overcome inherent challenges,

  • Decode trapped emotion,

  • Gain greater self confidence and self worth through unconditional self love,

  • Discover powerful “mirroring techniques through partner and relationship dynamics” and the common barriers such as self sabotaging behaviors- getting you from where you’re at to where you want to be.

(Discuss generational patterns here):


Each of us realize that we are in part, a product of our parents. Yet we may not be aware that the genes we inherit will dictate our life’s choices, behaviors, actions, including the outcomes of our successes and our failures-- due to the beliefs we also inherit. Much of the stress that we encounter is genetically inherited. In fact, many patterns in your life can be traced to genetic traumas, hardships and unresolved conflicts that are stored in your DNA from your ancestors. Science has proven that DNA is not only the physical characteristics of your lineage but also the accumulation of emotional traumas from your ancestors, that led to subconscious beliefs that you now carry. Brain science calls this field of study and treatment “epigenetics”. Biology stands on the brink of a shift in the understanding of inheritance. The epigenetic theory views development as the result of an ongoing, bi-directional interchange between heredity and the environment. Molecular biologists suggest/imply that your genes are shaped in part by your ancestors’ life experiences.

“Traumatic experiences in particular frequently results in strong emotional reactions that are stored within the brain's neural pathways and the cells of the body - locking an individual, to some extent, within the same emotional experience. Because creation of peptides within the cells utilizes the DNA, a proclivity toward specific peptides may be transferred genetically, which explains genetic patterns of both disease and demeanor” (Pert, 1997. The Molecules of Emotion).

Consequently, we are born with many of these triggers pre-installed or inherited in our DNA. This is why we grow up to find ourselves inescapably acting like our parents or grandparents— even repeating the same mistakes and dysfunctional family patterns, such as alcoholism, addiction, abuse, depression or other mental disorders that are also tendencies from past generations that keep repeating. These are symptoms of emotional genetic traumas that came through your lineage that inhibit your ability to identify solution oriented choices for yourself in present time. If these ancestral links are not dealt with directly, they’ll prevent any hope for permanent change causing an endless defeat.

Traumas, inherited beliefs, adverse childhood experiences (ACE), and other unresolved emotions are presented in our life as fears, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and unwanted behaviors. Logically or consciously you may want to get rid of all these old beliefs and personal shortcomings, but on an emotional level your subconscious programming is subject to give orders dictated by its beliefs. Fortunately, there are a variety of techniques that are designed to reprogram negative subconscious beliefs and facilitate perceptual reframing, with the intent of addressing intergenerational problems.

Clinical experience has shown that most perceptions are static. Because perception creates reality, this means most realities are static. This becomes undesirable if the reality is dysfunctional in any way or less than ideal. For example, a ball player may approach the ball the same way every time and thus become stuck reaching a performance plateau. At a conscious level he may learn better techniques, but at a subconscious level he is still bound by the perception he carries of his ballgame, or of his ability to master it. The reality of his game remains static.

In the case of relationships, a person may repeatedly attract someone with similar negative behaviors; for example, a woman who repeatedly ends up in an abusive relationship. Even though on a conscious level she knows better and makes positive changes in herself, for some reason she still continues to be drawn to the type of people that exhibit these behaviors and fall prey to them. This is the result of a static perception that perpetuates undesirable outcomes and has very little to do with her conscious desire for something better. Her subconscious belief is stronger than her conscious desire, because the subconscious is controlled by e-motion and belief, not logic. As long as she continues to believe on a subconscious level that she does not deserve better or learns to stand up for herself, she will continue to be unconsciously attracted to that and repeat the same relationship choices and patterns.

It is possible to shift or reframe a perception and a belief at a conscious and subconscious level. Perception reframing allows for a healthier, more mature and insightful reality that is used to improve any part of human aptitudes. Even transgenerational issues can be resolved —even if the generational issue came from a person who is now deceased, or from a biological parent you have never met.

(Repeat): Dr. Pert explains that, "traumas and old memories are stored in our bodies". Unresolved traumas, especially abuses and traumas from early adverse childhood experiences (ACE), are always present in our bodies and can affect us for the rest of our lives- unless we do something about it.

Fortunately, you can completely heal your DNA without ever needing to work through it with each individual member of your family, and you can finally experience your true and authentic, core personality without the influence of generational baggage, or passing it down to others.​

Ex: After years of practice in healing work...

We’ve combined the best strategies and created shortcuts in

8 Secret steps to

Turn Challenges into Triumphs


If you’re ready to upgrade your life to the next level and make an impact in the world, create change by increasing your value, increasing your emotional intelligence, expand self awareness, Self love, receive more from life, align to your purpose and ignite your potential, then join us in (the sacred work of…) our “Soul Generational healing. Even if you don’t know your biological parents, subconscious beliefs are encoded in our DNA and create vicious cycles from fear of failure until we learn to conquer these fears to reach our potential and contribute more value to humanity. This is everyone’s path…

We’ve created fast track steps to move into this deeper work to simplify what many folks fear and may go to great lengths to avoid, as it’s been said, “Comfort”, is the enemy of progress”.

Here’s how you can begin living the life you desire quicker, through:

8 key steps to Soulwork

1. Digging deep to decode emotional blocks:

If there is anything you desire to create and manifest or call in and it hasn’t manifested, then you have soul blocks or limited beliefs coming from fear, aka the ego, self-sabotage, not feeling good enough or worthy to receive more. If this resonates, then you’re blocking your souls flow state of abundance, state of receiving, infinite possibilities and all that’s available to you at any given moment. We are either open minded or resistant, stagnant or in the flow, expanding or contracting, evolving or devolving. Nothing in between.

Tune into your Souls greatest work and worth. If you haven’t received what you desire, it is because you haven’t done your soul work to remove the blocks from receiving and feeling deserving of more from life.

  • Upgrade your neurochemistry by rewiring your DNA and negative mental programming and

  • Elevate your mental conditioning to a positive and healthier mindset that works for you, not against you,

  • Awaken your authentic self and activate your highest potential by unleashing this creative power and guidance system.

  • Learn the truth of your limitless Divinity.

  • Stop looking outside of yourself for answers or to meet your needs. (Validate you), (relationship status, money, education, appearance, title, identity, stimulus) and learn how to tap into the unlimited resources within.

2. How to eradicate soul blocks and the inner critic so you can begin to receive more:

  • Become open and available to your higher self, your intuition, the profound inner wisdom and your souls’ expansion. Create the space and be open. Being open means; having the mindset of being open-hearted and open-minded, listening in silence, tuning in, letting go of doubts and preconceived notions or opinions. Being a “doubting Debbie” keeps us stuck and prevents us from progressing or receiving, including increasing the capacity to receive more. Be available; raise your antenna and dial into solutions and answers that want to flow in.

  • Live from the advanced intelligence and compass of your heart & in its greatest power of joy, not from your heads’ over analytical state of struggle.

We all know this stuff, it is simple, but not easy. Although it’s simple, there is profound internal work required to be done and we are here to show you the shortcuts to activate ease and allowing flow in your life.

3. Connect from Divine Source; which is the flow state and not from struggle or from the external work/action:

Remember to connect inwardly to your Divine Wisdom and create from the space of alignment and flow which, is our intuitive power, Divinity and higher consciousness. Be evolved enough to act on your intuition as a natural daily practice. Tap further into the nudges and promptings within, creating from alignment, trust and flow versus reaching to external sources and seeking answers outside of yourself. (Codependency and addictive behaviors from emotional needs and lack, i.e., work, money, validation, etc., trading addictive/enslavement for being w loved ones/freedom). The solutions derive from the inner work not external work and from the natural Divine forces of the flow, i.e., “may the force be with you” (Star Wars).

  • Find Connection to source, universal love, and channel this energy to guide and direct the details of your life, mastery over conditions and be an open vessel and conduit of this flow to create higher order and divine solutions. We first receive from This Source energy then channel through our being. Hence why were first meant to receive so we can express in giving after.

  • Get out of struggle, Move from survival into the flow

  • Learn the distinction between “ego” and “intuition”;

  • turn challenges into triumph,

  • overcome limited beliefs and move from victim to Victor through personal empowerment.

Come from trust not control. Live from your heart not from societies cultural conditioning and escape the matrix (aka stress). This is the magical alchemy when we step into the forces of the soul by channeling; intuition, alignment, trust, love, flow, creativity, power, joy, wellness, unity and characteristics of love. This way we’re only expressing our qualities of love to the world in which we live. Soulful experiences are about “being” not “doing”. The ego falsely identifies to; more struggle, more stress, doing more and escaping to over-working, and more burden. We are “human beings” not human “doings”. We create our ideal outcomes from being, not doing. Being envelopes in soulful experiences.

Tune into what feels right-- the gut instinct and intuitive promptings of the soul and live every moment from the guidance of this soulful space. The world deserves more from us. We deserve more from our self. This is how we offer our highest value and make a massive impact, from the heart not our head/ego. (Needing value from outside ourselves ie co dependency is external).

4. Separate soul from ego. Ego is control, while soul is natural creative expression with ease :

(Omit) The first three seconds is an answer from the soul (inner wisdom) whenever you are making a decision or asking a question, trust your instinct. The head is the [monkey mind] and the soul feels at peace and ease.

Ego needs logic and explanation. The soul does not.

5. Initiate action strategy from internal alignment: (manifest internally first, it is an inside job)

Creating (and manifestation) is primarily an internal game then, action strategy is required. Create from within first then manifestation occurs without.

living from the 80/20 Pareto Principle of “doing less and accomplishing more” as stated by -Deepak Chopra

For example, step into the intuitive space of your desired outcome first, your ideal reality, engage in the soul work, going deep to remove blocks and limitations, then tap into the correct quantum resonance and elevating the vibrational frequency that matches your desired, ideal state and highest vision or outcome to manifest your ideal reality. Hint: to have a life-altering results, you’ll need to get outside your comfort zone. Our mindset holds the key to all our success or suffering. Doing your Soulwork means, overcoming the fears of taking those big risks you have always feared taking.

As you align to your higher vision, ask yourself, “How can I advance to my higher/best self right now to accelerate this vision and align faster”? What is the next step to this unfoldment? Then be open to the possibilities and opportunities presented on your path. Be willing to take bold action that aligns to your goals. Stay in the present.

This helps us create a strong connection to our higher selves and manifest from the unlimited resources within then we can externalize our ideal reality from this internal alignment.

6. Unlock your true potential and fulfill your soul‘s purpose:

Awaken your souls destiny and Mastery. Receive more so you can give more. You must first ignite your own candle before you can shine and share your light with others. Once yours is ignited, then ignition to another is effortless. First fill your own cup then help fill others- you are no good if you are empty or don’t first survive.

How do you receive more? Give to yourself by practicing self-care on a daily basis and at the start of each day. Nourish your emotional needs. Make choices by acting from inspiration and intuition. Give more to yourself- unselfishly and unapologetically. Operate from the belief cycle and mindset that “I am good and worthy enough”. Life is supporting you and your visions. Nourish the seed of beliefs you want to grow not the beliefs preventing your desires from transpiring. Receive with gratitude, joy, and appreciation; which will enable others to feel joy when giving to you rather than you feeling like you’re a burden to others.

  • When you know you’re enough, you know you deserve more; you know you’re worthy of love, success, better relationships or a better career, improved quality of life, health, vitality and much more… You have no difficulty asking for more.

7. Balance your masculine and feminine nature to access your highest power:

‘Awaken the kundalini’ to connect to the most powerful energy center we generate from, our sacral chakra. This is our drive & Universal force energy. When we channel this energy correctly, we can manifest more powerfully. Balance and cultivate this sacred masculine and feminine power…

through meditation, yoga, kundalini, dancing, play, movement, creativity, nature, music, love, vibrancy, romance, passion, self love, etc.

  • First put your transfixed attention on your ideal outcome, feeling and envisioning what you desire to manifest by engaging in the hemispheric synchronicity (both quadrants of the brain) to rewire and upgrade your subconscious mind, improving your overall neuroplasticity, then act on your intuition, allowing new possibilities to unfold.

8. Soul Work Through Generational Healing:

Overcome limiting beliefs and negative patterns through generational healing to fulfill your soul purpose. Activate your potential through your generational healing blocks and step into joy, bliss, euphoria, celebration, play, vibrance, full self expression, and unleash the inner-child qualities of the soul. When we purify our vessel, we are aligned to channel our souls purpose.

We can create our personal craft using our natural gifts and intelligence organically by living from the heart in the present moment. Rather than from

being enslaved by the endless hours of external work. This is our most powerful creator. Our Divine connection to Source. We create our soulful craft from this heavenly heart space.

If you have any restrictions in life or movements in your body, such as pain or discomfort, it is an indication that you have soul blocks stemming from limiting beliefs or generational patterns communicating to you where you are restricted and not living in the flow. Re-align and smooth out these disruptive and distorted patterns to align to your advanced/highest potential and higher vibrational frequencies. Don’t fault yourself, self-defeating behaviors are natural and we can overcome these inherent tendencies. “To be human is to Love”

You will experience all of these powerful breakthroughs, how to awaken and transform into a richer and more elevated way of life…

Soul work through Generational healing courses is a fast track to help overcome soul blocks and enable you to operate from a higher state of consciousness to reach your potential so you can both give and receive more from life. Online and live transformational books, courses, workshops, and breakthroughs are available for pre-launch to allow you to get from where you are today to where you want to be…


Thanks for joining us. if you want more information, please click the link provided… we look forward to guiding you in your soul work through generational healing.

Dates and details are tba:


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© Corinne & Camille Sullivan, Liberated Living

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I Love it. I have learned from it!!! It takes time for me to digest it because I have never put that kind of great wisdom into my mind!!! It is very valuable!!! I Love its wisdom!!! Thank You!!! ~C.J.

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