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Happy Lunar Eclipse 🌑

Here's a little bit about our lunar eclipse today by astro-numerologist Tania Gabrielle:

On July 2, the potent total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer asked you to set a new foundation of security, especially emotionally. This New Moon opened the door to new beginnings setting the stage for your next six months. TODAY's cathartic Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (5:38 pm EST) takes your newfound awareness and integrates it in profound ways. You’ve recognized what you want to COMMIT to for the next six months.

Now you’re ready to do the work to fulfill your new dreams. And the impact of today's Capricorn lunar eclipse will only get stronger as the year goes on. Ask yourself: What new journey are you embracing fully? What new commitments are your accepting? Whether you’re ready or not, this Full Moon in Capricorn is bringing many parts of your life to a culmination that signals a turning of the tide. The Moon started in Cancer, its own sign, on July 2 in a total eclipse – a total reset of your emotions. Now the Moon is FULL - a Culmination and Celebration! Directly opposite the Moon in Capricorn lies the Sun in Cancer – balancing the sacred masculine and divine feminine energies. The Moon (feelings) in Capricorn (masculine, father principle) lies opposite the Sun (your Soul purpose) in Cancer (feminine, mother principle). Moon and Sun are at 24° - number of LOVE, HOME, NURTURING, ABUNDANCE. 24 hours a day of SIGNALS to help you love your life into reality! Furthermore, the Moon is conjunct Pluto - planet of power, transformation, life-death-rebirth, purging and emerging on the other side, totally renewed… A celestial cleansing of the past frees you up to celebrate of the present! Nothing can be hidden when Pluto comes calling. All that lay below the surface has been rising to the top, revealing what was formerly in the darkness. From darkness to LIGHT. From past to PRESENT. From trauma to TRIUMPH! Follow the Light. It will present you with Gifts. Those Gifts are your Divine Roadmap to experiencing Triumphant Returns! You are setting emotional boundaries that are imperative in order to manifest your dreams. Too often we give away our power in order to please those whom we hold to a higher authority than our own inner guidance – which is the old paradigm we’re leaving behind: We are finally recognizing our abdication of self-responsibility when we blindly obey top-down instructions and expectations. This Full Moon Eclipse is asking you to TURN THAT PAGE. Allow what is buried to emerge. Do not judge what appears. It’s all part of your journey. It is what led you to this exciting moment. In being open to let go of emotions and decisions that are not in alignment with your highest good, you are turning towards the North Node in Cancer – the DIVINE FEMININE! You are setting yourself free from outside authority! You are saying, I am who I am because of what I am focusing on, how I am BEING. And I have total authority over my life. I am not my past, am I am not beholden to old patriarchal systems imposed on me since birth. I am FREE to CHOOSE. Go ahead and choose what feels good. Sending you LOVE and LIGHT on this gorgeous Full Moon Eclipse Day! Tania Gabrielle