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Key internal mindset shifts during times of crisis

Greetings Liberated Living Friends,

We’ve heard that adaptation is the key to survival. In times of confusion, crisis, or shifting circumstances it's important to know how to overcome current challenges and create new opportunities for ourselves. This comes down to learning one skill... strategizing

A strategy is a valuable mindset tool to access not only during crises but on a daily basis. 

Having a successful model or strategy will help anyone out of a trap, no matter the circumstance. Since we can only exercise control over our own life, we can start with ourselves to improve outside circumstances.

What circumstances have you been facing that you are ready to improve or outgrow in your own life? 

As a tribute to the intensity we've all been going through, we're inviting you to participate totally free. We decided to share this powerful strategy that is only shared in our paid courses as a gift and contribution to our community since we're all coping through cultural chaos together. We will share questions from Step 1 & 2 of the 7 vital strategy steps in our PANACEA Model to begin creating new solutions and rapid change with these internal shifts. 

This PANACEA Model was designed to recode subconscious beliefs, activate DNA Potential, break codependency and addiction cycles, overcome sabotage behaviors, epigenetic, and generational patterns, and align to your soul purpose.

Since awareness is the first step, let’s begin with the first two.

Step 1. Decode Trapped Emotions & Subconscious Blocks

Name the Presenting problem or negative pattern?

Write out your deepest truth or fear… Raw and unedited.

Is it related to a childhood event or an early youth perceived void/unmet need? (This may result in a primary love language type)

Can you identify a Parent-child/partner pattern? 

Step 2. Identifying new Adaptive Coping Responses: The Power of Acceptance:

What we resist, we give power to. What current circumstance are you resisting and struggling to accept?

Is this resistance looping through perpetual cycles, a pattern repeating within your life or primary relationships? Is it generational?

What is the belief or feeling of shame you’re feeling? What is the implicit message? For instance, “I’m not good enough”.

Are you willing to learn new adaptive, healthy responses? For instance, can you choose to accept and come to terms with the present circumstance and the current reality first before changing it, neutralizing the emotion and allowing yourself to be a work in progress, therefore no longer resisting what you’re giving power to? 

Can you accept that it is a subconscious program ready to be transmuted? What is the next step to serve your highest good or the highest vision for your community or humanity? List 1-3.

Will you: Ask for help, make a proactive choice to seek professional guidance, or ask for help and support from a non-judgmental place/person?

Where is support available that you haven’t yet sought out? 

How is this a catalyst for new growth and potential?

How did this happen FOR you—not TO you? 

How is this teaching you to be better? To receive more and realigning you to achieve a long term vision & desire? 

How can you be the solution or “change you wish to see”? How can you put the power back in your hands and take personal accountability or break a codependency pattern, if necessary?

What outcome are you ready for? Now think bigger and stretch your imagination more to an even better outcome? 

What new step(s) can you actionize to create what you want? Hint: Now align to the same vibrational match/resonance, from inspired and intuitive action.

7-Step PANACEA Genetic Recoding System © Copyright Liberated Living

To learn the complete 7-steps strategies in our eCourse and PANACEA Model to benefit you during changing times, click here