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Key Self-Analysis Questions To Push Through Fear & Resistance

One lesson I’ve learned. A lesson that I continue to strengthen over time.

How to work through stagnation and push through challenges. No matter the circumstance. The greater the goal—the greater the challenge, right?!? 😅

Here’s what you can do when you experience resistance, hesitations and the reluctant “buts”, i.e., “I want to, but I don’t have the (resource) time”, because we all have valid reasons that delay us or hinder us from preventing specific goals.

Being human has its payoffs and, it can also be tough at times. Particularly when we undergo scaling up another level in life, reinventing our lives and selves for the better. We all have a balancing act to keep us busy in the upward spirals. 🤹‍♀️

When we feel hesitant, it’s because we feel fear or unsafe. At the core, there’s unhealed pain or trauma, which is surfacing FOR us to face so we can finally overcome it.

These negative or unconscious programs and conditioned responses aren’t aligned to the life we’re ready for and it’s only a simple nudge to look at so we can successfully dissolve the fear. If we ignore the nudge long enough, it’ll eventually be the lions' roar like a painful wake-up call 😶

Yes, it stretches our faith, it’s meant to.

We’ve heard similar adages that pain is inevitable because we will either experience growing pains or the pain of not growing. Stagnation.

But, how do we get past it?

Go deeper...of course!

What’s behind every fear is generally a blind spot or something we’re not ready to accept. In other words, the big “S” word...

That’s right, SHAME. Shame is Universal. We all hear the same ego-ic voice whispering that we’re, “not good enough”. It’s the most monumental illusion preventing us from moving forward, feeling trapped.

Hence why self-love and unconditional acceptance is a powerful force and IS the powerhouse. It’s a twofold benefit that we can only offer love and acceptance once we first embody it, which also greatly increases our magnitude of receiving more love in return.

What we often judge in others, we know we will judge in ourselves. Projections, if you will. Natures advanced mirror and biofeedback mechanism. The internal key to access our personal blind spot.

Judgment, plainly put, is the unhealed areas within us; The triggered or reactive responses. Like feeling rejected when the present belief is being unlovable, for instance.

So we can’t move forward until we can come to terms with these blind spots or areas we hold some shame, stories, unrealistic expectations, or other distortions from past conditioned events.

Denial is turning a blinds eye to the truth and tragically, which is more harmful and can even lead to deadly outcomes. Turning to escape and addictive behaviors as a means to cope through it will only prolong the pattern in the process.

So, where are you currently being thrown into new growth opportunities that you’d like to individually advance, getting you from where you’re at to where you want to be?

Hopefully, these questions can help 😊 When you’re feeling trapped or in a bind, you can guide yourself to your own innate answers and wisdom through key questions.

Although I’ve known for many years that shame keeps us all stuck, I want to share some insight into this common step clients and, the majority of individuals, get stuck—Step 2 of 7 in our PANACEA Workbook.

2. Adaptive Response: Acceptance.

Because an imprinted belief or implicit message was perceived as unacceptable, therefore it’s an unloveable behavior. To love and be loved is the vital human driving force so it makes sense that anything that is perceived to be unaccepting/unloving would hold feelings of shame for us and we might withhold our own love/acceptance. It’s not about others' acceptance, it’s about our own.

So, here is a list of some vital questions for this primary step that I share with clients (and use for myself), as part of a guideline to work through unprocessed or unresolved emotion and stagnation when I want to identify the fear/limiting belief/shame.

You can answer these questions anytime you want to prevent painful lessons, overcome negative patterns, recode core subconscious beliefs, increase intuitive capacities, and activate higher DNA (mind) potential.

As the expression goes, “you’ll get out of it what you put into it”. Now, get old school and grab a notepad 📝

1. What resistance are you giving power to?

2. Is this resistance looping through perpetual cycles, or a generational pattern repeating within our life or primary relationships?

3. What is the belief or shame you’re feeling about yourself?

4. Are you willing to learn new adaptive, healthy responses? For instance, can you choose to accept and come to terms with the problem and the current reality first before changing it, allowing yourself to be a work in progress, and no longer resisting what you’re giving power to?

5. Can you accept that it is a subconscious program ready to be transmuted? What is the next step to serve your highest good? List 1-3.

6. Will you; A) Ask for help, make a proactive choice to seek professional guidance, or ask for help and support from a non-judgmental place/person? 😎 Where is support available that you haven’t yet sought out?

7. How is this a catalyst for your growth and potential?

8. How did this happen FOR you—not TO you?

9. How is this teaching you to be better? To receive more or realigning you to achieve a long term vision & desire?

10. How can you be the solution or “change you wish to see”?

11. How can you put the power back in your hands and take personal accountability or break a codependency pattern, if necessary?

12. What outcome are you ready for? Now think bigger and stretch your imagination more to an even better outcome?

13. What new step(s) can you actionize to create what you want? Hint: Now align to the same vibrational match/resonance, from inspired action.

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