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Manifesting Vs. Abundance

Let’s look at what you’re ready to consciously create in your life… clarity is key and embodying the feeling sensation.

For example: stating, “I’m ready to create a passive income instead of trading time for dollars”, and assessing if this new conscious intention or mantra excites you? If not, then it may prevent this from aligning or manifesting.

This may be obvious to most, but it can be an opportunity to help examine hidden beliefs when we hope to manifest or materialize a new reality.

The term “manifestation is often very misconstrued. There’s a significant distinction between “manifesting” and “abundance”.

When we “want to manifest”, it often comes from a place of "scarcity consciousness" vs. “abundance”, which the internal manufacturing resources of our natural state of abundance. Such as feeling grateful for all the we have and experience now.

This lacking mental state of “wanting to manifest”, is the cause of all of our pain and suffering, when all of our unlimited resources are manufactured internally... Our place of embodying a state of total wholeness!

Therefore, the majority of the time the term “Manifesting” generally implies lack because we’re trying to manifest something we don't have and trying to fill a void, which will only create more lack and limitation.

It’s important to remember to consciously align, to embody the same vibration, like feeling an emphatic YES to any desire and this is why gratitude is a key signature step!

Even by feeling ready to allow and receive more or experience something positive can also create positive and immediate shifts. This engages the heart/mind coherence, which is the also heart/mind connection.

Here’s a fun fact: Both our former memory programs and new imagined thought patterns both light up the same neural network in the brain.

In other words, the simple process of “imagination” fire the same circuitry as our memories, which go both forward and backward. We create new neural sensations with our imagination by overcoming former belief patterns; old programming and old narratives. We can overcome our old stories and thought programs with new beliefs and narratives through techniques i.e. perceptual reframing.

With Genetic Recoding, we outline powerful new reframes throughout the Panacea Model to retrain and recode the brain from old programmed beliefs to new healthy, positive beliefs to reprogram the subconscious mind, since our mind operates from 90% of the subconscious programs anyhow and we must go deeper than positively thinking alone to access the core limiting belief program from the subconscious to effectively and permanently reprogram our mind and dna. Have fun with it! 💫

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“You can’t NOT improve your life with this course!”

I Love it. I have learned from it!!! It takes time for me to digest it because I have never put that kind of great wisdom into my mind!!! It is very valuable!!! I Love its wisdom!!! Thank You!!! ~C.J.

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