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Mastering Balance: The Art of Duality

Learn from your limits and befriend them. Our limits can be our best allies if we can view them as a teacher. Our limitations teach us where we want to grow and succeed. When we choose to perceive our limits this way we can begin to maximize our leverage or monetize it by translating it into our greatest strength. Our weaknesses become our greatest strengths. Limit to limitless. They guide us to “take action” where our discomfort resides and where we hope to reach a life of freedom from our limits to a life of comfort. Everyone’s greatest success story begins with what limit they faced. Reaching a painful pivotal point in life can motivate us to act and develop the necessary asset to overcome hardships within those limits.

If you have experienced unsuccessful relationships, challenges in your health, career, finances, or challenges in any other area, then you have possibly been motivated to find solutions to remedy that area of discomfort and overtime developed more knowledge and mastery in that field, leveraging you to see scalable results which has more than likely become one of your callings. In life, we learn then share and, possibly earn an income from our journey to overcome our most significant limits. You will draw others to you that are also seeking freedom in the same realm in their life as yours. It’s the process of universal synchronicity of aligning us to like minds and tribes alike.

If there’s an area you’re not getting the result you desire, then there’s an inaccuracy in your perception and a simple shift in your story will change your thoughts and behaviors that will change the outcome. Let go of the beliefs that aren’t serving your vision and ideal reality. These beliefs are a form of self sabotaging behaviors impeding our very success. What new belief can you adopt and cultivate? Outcomes will improve significantly overtime as we nurture the new seed of belief. 

Remember to refer to the list of common “cognitive distortions” and when one of these distortions may activate an event (trigger) from the belief, producing a certain behavior and undesirable consequence. 

Here is a list of the most common:

•Black or white thinking (polarized) 



•Disqualifying the good

•Jumping to conclusions 

•Emotional reasoning

 •Rigidity or rule keeping 



See your human errors and still hold yourself in high regard in this new growth mindset. It's part of the self- acceptance process. New learning and growth is the natural part of life.

If you were to study Maslow hierarchy of humanity’s purpose, you can revert back to the dozens of times you were asked the cliché' question... what would you be doing if money were no object or paying rent/mortgage wasn’t an issue? And your answer?

The path we choose will lead EVERYONE to the same answer... to self-actualization.

It is through the process of our pursuit of happiness and wo/mans search for meaning in purpose, we find our answer, and, in our answer, we reach self -actualization. Our fullest potential.

Self-actualization implies asking the purposeful questions:

➢ How do you use the gifts and skills that you have to do the most for society before you die? Napoleon Hill stated, “happiness is living a purposeful life". 

➢ How do you improve your innate skills to fulfill your destination? 

➢ How do you find your ideal destination? 

➢ Find out what you love doing when time stands still, and you feel the freest?

 ➢ What areas do others ask you for advice? 

➢ what must you do every week to establish balance?

 ➢ What do you offer others even if it’s free?

This can help to gauge a baseline as to where your brilliance or highest intelligence resides then to gauge where your weak spot is.

The same question can be discovered by asking:

➢ What are the three funded wishes you could have to improve your life or resolve any challenges?

Perhaps you can begin your path in any vocation to continue developing the skills and wherewithal, whether in education, relationship or a career and focus every morning on the area in which you are least skilled at and how you can also develop what’s required to establish the balance from strength to weakness. Are you weaker financially? In relationships? In self- motivation? Health & Fitness? In your spiritual capacity? Take a look at where your strength is and put your focus where you can continue to develop that mastermind and develop yourself in your weakness by pursuing online education or tutoring, hiring an expert in that field or anywhere you can begin to develop more confidence and skill in both areas, and begin to first fulfill the outcome you desire within, this will be your magic formula to both balance and complete your path to personal success. These actions will help you develop that inner “muscle”, if you will. Be patient, good things take time to perfect. Be your best companion to fulfill whatever void you desire to fill by channelling your internal resources. We manufacture all our resources within. Where can you embody the qualities you wish to attain?

“Put your focus where you want your life to be”, Barbara Ledger. Exhilaration, mastery and fulfillment are yours as you embody the feeling of it and let it begin to unfold in your life. Remember to ask for what you want and be open to allowing it to occur, it’s the best your highest version sees fit to align you to it, then let go and let it be... the powerful surrender is trusting the process through faith.

According to both Myers and Briggs and the Maslow theory, the most successful people in the world are the most balanced. When we can acknowledge where our strength lies and where we would like to develop strength in our weaknesses? It is then that we will discover the recipe for success. By leaning into both our strengths and weaknesses and developing where strength is more needed—then capitalizing where it’s already a given. Knowing where the skill gap begs you to lend your attention, both by acquiring the appropriate skill set to attaining desirable goals and taking actionable steps that are plausible and incremental, will carry it forth into possibility rather than be left to perish in your “what if” box infinitely.

What step can you take every day, week or month towards acquiring a new skill that is worth habituating toward your dream and vision? Taking a few moments to write out a minimum of 3 steps you can take to apply toward your vision is 10 times more likely to happen and 90 times more likely to, at the minimum, improve your neurochemistry!

It is proven when you meditate on your vision and what you can do to act-ionize positive steps to see it through, without being attached to the “how” or mechanics of the goal, you are rewiring your mindset for the better and will increase the propensity to materialize it. This is part of the magic of calling it in and aligning to your success...Working less and accomplishing more.

Studies have proven meditation to be one of the key ingredients to success and improving the day to day practice of putting you into your flow state. This also minimizes the stress chemicals of putting out "daily fires" and increases more focus, awareness and overall well-being. Have you asked yourself what your life purpose is or what you are destined to do in your life?

Do you know your true destination? Who would you invest in or which cause would you donate to if all your needs were met and you were financially free?

Whether you’re already on that path or not, this will assist you in waking up every day fulfilled or will begin as soon as you’re on this path.

Where can you add value to the world?

Once or if you have figured out this golden question, then you’re well on your way to discovering the value in yourself and reaching personal success. This is the backbone to the actualization of your destiny.

Cultivate the skill or hire others if discipline and execution are not your strengths because these are 'must haves' and key to finding your personal success & fulfilling your destiny. The journey is one of Self-discovery and the destination is Self- actualization.

This is the kind of higher performing lifestyle worth engaging in fully—one of the growth mindset that will set you up for a way of life that only gets better and better with time. One that you don’t want to miss out on and want to experience for yourself and loved ones.

The secret to creating an exceptional life is to program your subconscious mind to permanent success-oriented beliefs. Once this is etched in your memory, they will weave the fabric of who you are.

To re-cap, let’s begin with a simple exercise:

1. Write down your desired result and each action step to correspond.

2.Examine and meditate on each of the goals and action steps

3. The most vital step is to feel it, as if it’s already achieved, sense it deeply to make it actually happen to manufacture these beliefs, physiologically and become a reality, a self-fulfilling prophecy!

If self sabotage is a mental belief preventing you from the joy and success you desire then, what will adopting a positive mental belief create for you? It’s  all created fist in the mind. 

Devoting 10 minutes or more each day to outlining your perfect life and experiences to avoid being just a cog on the wheel or lost adrift at sea to an unplanned life, will become one of your favorite ‘pastimes’. This is because you will see the results of advancing your curated path to an exhilarating journey of Self-love, self actualization, personal success, mental and emotional mastery, giving life to your ideal reality!

(Exercises adapted from, Weldon Long in,“The Power Of Consistency”.)

Blue Waters



“You can’t NOT improve your life with this course!”

I Love it. I have learned from it!!! It takes time for me to digest it because I have never put that kind of great wisdom into my mind!!! It is very valuable!!! I Love its wisdom!!! Thank You!!! ~C.J.

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