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Overcome Self-Sabotage by Mastering Your “Soul Work Through Generational Healing”.

Greetings! We’re the Liberated Living Twins and we want to share something of great value with you that is essential if you’re ready to upgrade your life to the next level and make an impact in the world by adding greater value, expanding in the domain of self awareness and overcoming ongoing challenges in your life, by first 

Mastering Your “Soul Work Through Generational Healing”. 

Do you believe that you’re destined for more? If there’s anything you desire to create, which hasn’t manifested or projects and goals you’ve started, but haven’t completed, then, likely...you’re experiencing self defeating-- soul blocks. :/ 

We want to share these 7 Internal shifts  of “Soul Work Through Generational Healing“ to overcome self-defeating beliefs and attain self-mastery-through psychological and Holistic practices.

These Soul blocks come from: 

● limited beliefs (such as thinking it’s selfish to want more for yourself, or that you have to struggle to survive), 

● Default, generational patterns that may include repeat cycles of abuse, addictions of any kind, emotional or physical. 

● trapped or suppressed emotions that are left unresolved, 

● ego-based fears (including jealousy, competition, or power-struggles in relationships), 

● conflicting beliefs (for instance, “I don’t want to exercise, but I want to be fit”!

● or not believing you’re good enough and worthy to receive more that lead to behaviors of self-sabotage, and obstacles that prevent us from fulfilling our life’s desires.

 As we encode these beliefs then our beliefs encode our reality. If this resonates, then your subconscious programming is interfering with your ability to accomplish what you truly desire in life and manifesting greater fulfillment.. All of which could be originating from inherited, genetic beliefs. (Sorry friends, I know it’s unfair). 

Don’t fault yourself, self-defeating behaviors are natural and we’re meant to overcome these default tendencies. 

Do you recognize any of your own inherent patterns or generational programming? Are there any beliefs you are ready to let go of that are no longer serving you? 

We can choose to grow or resist change.

Who are you giving your power to and where are you giving it away, instead of feeling supported and empowered? Are you escaping to... busyness, such as overworking or other forms of avoidance? Are you Enabling or trying to rescue others instead of empowering them and yourself? This is creating a drama tug-of-war, perpetuating entanglement cycles and codependency triangles instead of establishing mutually empowering relationship dynamics…


Did you know that generational healing is the fundamental step to take if anyone wants to achieve self mastery by overcoming their limiting beliefs & negative programming to experience breakthroughs, heal any imbalance, and make a positive impact in their life? Generational beliefs and patterns are encoded in our DNA and can be recoded . Each of us realize that we are in part, a product of our parents. Yet we may not be aware that the genes we inherit will also dictate our life’s choices, behaviors, actions, including the outcomes of our successes and our failures-- due to the beliefs we also inherit. :/ 

Much of the stress that we encounter is genetically inherited. In fact, many patterns in your life can be traced to genetic traumas, hardships and unresolved conflicts that are stored in your DNA from your ancestors. Science has proven that DNA is not only the physical characteristics of your lineage but also the accumulation of trapped emotions & traumas from your ancestors that led to the unconscious beliefs and unwanted behaviors that present themselves in our life as fears, codependency or addiction, anxiety, or depression that were genetically transferred into your present, conscious reality. In other words, it is our epigenetics that maybe the greatest cause of all of our saboteurs. (Genetics are to blame) lol

“Epigenetics” is the study of heritable changes in “gene expression’- which, many of you may be familiar with. Therefore, by confronting our fears and beliefs, we have the ability to recode our DNA through soul-work generational healing. “Do what you fear and it will disappear.'' Overcome these destructive cycles, by FIRST learning unique and effective strategies so you can finally accomplish what you wish to achieve. 

Are you the “chain breaker” in your family? Do you believe you’re the one to break the vicious cycle? 

So what is important to you? What is something that you have always wanted to accomplish in your life and will regret if you never fulfill this dream and continue to put it off? 

“Die with Memories not Dreams” ~24 hour success 

The ego will always make excuses to prevent us from growth because it prefers to be stuck in a “comfort zone” and will resist change. If this resonates, then you’re blocking your souls flow state of abundance, which is the natural state of receiving infinite possibilities and all that’s available to you at any given moment. This BLIND SPOT is the cause of our resistance and own suffering, hindering our personal success. (No fun)!

 So instead, let’s master the self-defeating behaviors of the ego and follow things through to completion. 

As you apply these valuable insights, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and self worth. (And a dose of powerful practices to advance your self mastery). We are either open minded or resistant, stagnant or in the flow. This suggests that we’re either expanding or contracting, evolving or devolving consciousness. Nothing in between. ;) 

Is your mind working against you?

We all possess the same two segments of mind power-- the conscious and the 

subconscious. In short, the primary difference between the conscious and subconscious mind is; the subconscious gives directions and the conscious follows orders. (Best to be clear on those orders)! Your conscious mind is the conscious, active part of you that is alert, awake, assesses, calculates, and judges. Your subconscious mind is where emotions and beliefs are stored, and is your greatest mind power that makes up more than 90% of your brain. (Sorry men, social conditioning may have taught us that emotions are weak, when in fact it’s the powerhouse of the mind). The beliefs contained within our subconscious mind unconsciously dictate our reality and run our programming. Therefore , our beliefs are either working for us or against us. When we have a thought accompanied by a feeling, it forms a belief producing a perception that becomes rooted in the subconscious mind, thru neural encoding-- that creates the perception of our reality... (Our beliefs subconsciously control our behavior and can either empower or disempower us through our choices, actions, and behaviors) . Many of these beliefs are the ones that were genetically transferred through our DNA. 

If you see these blocks in your own life, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there... and it’s a natural process of growth... To guide us toward our soul healing, self mastery! Here are core healing, Self-Mastery techniques that will guide you to: 

● Overcome your inherent problems & challenges 

● Heal imbalances 

● Decode trapped emotion, 

● Recode Genetic Patterns 

● Feel greater self-worth through unconditional self love, 

● Discover powerful “mirroring techniques through partner and relationship dynamics,”to identify your triggers and blind spots. This includes the common self defeating behaviors- enabling you to get from where you’re at - to where you want to be. We experienced birth and childhood traumas leading to chronic health challenges including autoimmune disorders. We were confounded that Medical Physicians hardly understood our conditions let alone how to treat or educate us how to correct it. This lead us on the path toward natural healing through years of circling the medical merry-go-round. In this journey, we discovered that not one single physician could understand or enlighten us on the interconnectedness of our whole anatomy. This only lead us further away from the solution that we felt intuitive about.

These breakthroughs methods are a proven system to help others holistically overcome and heal core patterns and ailments starting with negative generational patterns (genesis), such as chronic negative thinking, addictions, or cycles of failure, so we’re excited to bring these FREE solutions forward, to share with those who would also like to gain the same benefits, just as many others have. 

Our story; is twofold. While addressing our own core beliefs personal blocks, the classic domineering masculine and ultra feminine parents, and because we didn’t want to pass down the generational seed onto our offspring we chose to be the chain breakers by healing our negative generational patterns first over the years through our proven system and releasing it publically to make it available on a larger scale and compressed these strategies into a 7-Step PANACEA System. 

You don’t have to go through years of training, education and experience or exhaust your resources as we have, however you can draw from the wisdom we gained, derived from our own healing and working with countless clients. You can learn from our proven system that we combined with shortcut strategies into your generational healing. 

We didn’t want others to suffer through these inherent DNA traumas and decided to let it stop with us. While also working with countless clients combined throughout our career, and witnessing these patterns as the common thread from

generational hardship. 

Knowledge of this could have saved us, and countless others, many years of unnecessary pain and suffering. 

This again compelled us to further explore all veritable healing, naturopathic and psychological therapy, including holistic sciences (the whole scope of the individual on mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions). We dedicated our entire lives work to the profession of this vein. 

The definition of psyche:The human soul, mind or spirit. 

Therefore psychology means the study of the soul. 

Over the course of 20 years throughout our clinical healing work, and education we have discovered shortcut methods, personally and professionally. We knew this generational healing work was the most vital soul work to overcome these encoded challenges to achieve self mastery. Our work came together organically in our Holistic science and healing profession, and lead us to the breakthrough of generational healing. Seeing this evidenced in the past 20 years, fueled our passion, inspiring a mission to guide others and engaging in this deeper inner work.

Another word for “Generation” is “Genesis”, meaning: beginning, root, source, or seed. Which, emphasizes that this is where we need to start in our soulwork and healing if we are to master our own medicine. 

Our Philosophy rests on the idea of personal empowerment. Like the Chinese proverb suggests: TEACH others HOW to fish RATHER than feed them for a day, which creates dependence. This is the model in which many businesses operate to create repeat business and dependency. 

Conversely, we want to show you how to use these empowering strategies to enhance the quality of your life that is lasting and not just a short-term, quick-fix solution.

Those who have applied these healing strategies, were able to successfully overcome their limiting beliefs and generational blocks to now fulfill latent potential and experience success by living their soul purpose. Something of meaning and purpose with greater impact. 

Problems and obstacles can begin to naturally and quickly resolve themselves.

For example: if you fell into Trap? 

Would you want a medical prescription hoping it’ll help you out of that trap or a surgeon to perform an unnecessary operation, inducing false anticipation that it will save you? 

Perhaps you want someone who can relate and has been there to show you the strategy that they learned to help you out? We’ve been there and we’re here to show you how to overcome your negative patterns through generational healing once and for all. 

Now that we have introduced you to soulwork through generational healing and you’ve had a chance to reflect on your OWN relationship mirrors, and generational patterns; let’s explore 7 internal shortcuts you can take to guide you to your own self-mastery through generational SoulWork. 

We’ve created fast track strategies to move into this deeper work to simplify what many fear and may go to great lengths to avoid, as it’s been said, “ comfort is the enemy of progress”. Our minds have been wired to stay in familiar “comfort zones” avoiding what’s “unfamiliar”, causing us to relive the same stories of yesterday and preventing us from new opportunities for tomorrow. 

Instead, let’s overcome challenges to get out of struggle and step into ease though personal mastery, by awakening the best version of ourselves... and leaving the mass hypnosis behind that paralyzes our potential. Clear away societal conditioning and programming to ignite healing and purpose. Learn common misconceptions toward personal success, and align to your path to fulfill your potential quicker, in these: 7 SoulWork Strategies/steps.. 

Key Internal Shifts. 

We want to treat you to Self-Mastery shortcuts to “Turn Your Challenges into Triumphs“.

If you’re ready to upgrade your life to the next level and make a greater impact in the world, create change by increasing your value, align to your purpose and ignite your potential, expand self-awareness, increase your self-acceptance, and receive more in life so you can also contribute more, then join us in this sacred inner work of “Soul Generational” healing. 

So... if you’re ready, let’s cover some self mastery steps now!

Strategy 1. Digging deep to decode emotional blocks: Upgrade your neurochemistry by rewiring negative mental programming and rewriting/recoding your DNA. 

Identify your blind-spots through generational patterns and by applying awareness of the “mirror technique”. Discover who your “shapeshifters” are and why all relationships reflect the relationship you have with yourself. “Over the years, we have been each other's’ mirrors to catalyze growth. 

For many, parents’, authority figures, spouses, or significant others that activate internal triggers, serve as our mirrors to unresolved challenges and unhealed inner wounds. 

Who are the shape-shifters and key players in your life? Take mental inventory and notice what people or events trigger certain emotions and distorted beliefs inside you. Who has had an influence on shaping who you are or a “key player” who has been a lesson or blessing in your life? Identifying this is a significant method that will enable you to employ the “relationship mirror technique” while assisting you in determining your subconscious and generational beliefs. (Strengths you have gained from these key players) 

Structure your belief system to work for you, rather than against you by elevating your mental conditioning to a positive and healthier mindset. Rewire your neurocircuitry by refocusing on elevated desires, thoughts and emotions. 

Awaken your authentic self and activate your highest potential by unleashing this creative power within you and connecting to your inner guidance system so you can learn the truth of your limitless Divinity. 

Strategy 2. Begin to eradicate soul blocks and the inner critic so you can begin to receive more. Live from the advanced intelligence and compass of your heart & in its power of joy, instead of repetitive negative thinking. 

The key is to focus on rescripting internal narratives to empowering self talk with what you desire by inhabiting the FEELING of the desire or solution to overcome the over-analytical fear mind (ego). 

Which brings us to our shortcut Strategy 3,

Get out of struggle, and move from survival into the flow : 

Learn the distinction between “ego” and “intuition”. Ego is fear and control, while the soul is our natural creative expression. Ego needs logic and explanation, while the soul is intuitive and does not. Learn to come from trust, not control. Live from your heart and escape the stressful programming from cultural conditioning . The magical alchemy occurs when we step into the natural wisdom of the soul and move away from the matrix trap... 

This will turn challenges into triumph by overcoming inherent limited beliefs, moving from victim to Victor through personal empowerment. 

Regardless of what was modeled in your upbringing, having a positive self regard is vital because it is one is one of the most common saboteurs. This step is particularly important if you feel derailed by inevitable challenges or have the propensity to hang self-worth on what others think... Stop looking outside of yourself for answers, to meet your needs, or for validation. Whether from our upbringing or social conditioning, we’ve been conditioned to turn to things outside of ourselves for answers to meet our needs. This can be a tricky learning curve for many so I want to use a common example of this; If you are still seeking love and support where you are not receiving it, instead of fully embracing and receiving the love and support where it is already given/provided, then this is a form of self-defeat—to learn how to direct our attention and energy where it serves us and not where we are looking to fill an empty void where it’s not serving us. By continually looking for love in the wrong places, whether it be in relationships or wanting to feel better about yourself through anything outside of you, which is a form of codependency, rather than where it’s is available and redirecting it inwardly. 

Common ways to turn to external stimuli to validate self worth are; money, education, appearance, titles, material possessions, seeking a relationship status, or chasing repeat lessons within partnerships or relationships, identity, outside stimulus, over working and busyness as a false sense of fulfillment or self worth. This induces codependency, rather than tapping into the unlimited resources within to discover our own intrinsic self worth, which isn’t tied to external factors and what others think, but most importantly what you do. As we begin to practice the art of turning to our unlimited inner resources, we can become less dependent on answers or validation outside ourselves. Healing and transformation is always an inside job. 

Strategy 4. living from the 80/20 Pareto Principle of “doing less and accomplishing more” as stated by -Deepak Chopra 

Doing your Soulwork means leading from the heart and letting go of inherent negative programming. Act from intuitive nudges and get out of your comfort zone to take those big risks you have always wanted to take... to catalyze change and create positive results. Family patterns may have set the standard or limits to what you believe you can or cannot accomplish or fulfill, but remember, you have a divine mission and are meant to break the generational glass ceiling. This may be imperative to relieve anxiety.  Once you do the internal alignment work then the external alignment will begin to shift and you can actionize your game plan. What’s really key to remember is this, as you internalize your ideal life and envision your best self, the external alignment will begin to shift to create the best version of you & this may materialize in ways differently than you anticipate to reshape you for the better. Trust this process and don’t lose faith as things come undone, generally from chaos to order.  

Alignment works from the core to align to the life you’re meant to live and that rapid change can be radical and transformative so be prepared for change, it’ll be for the better even it may not appear that way at first. 

For example: It you’re doing 80% internal alignment work for something specific, you may recalibrate to the equivalent of that match i.e a higher caliber mate, career, home or community, what’s in your best interest long-term to align who you are meant to be within that same vibrational resonance etc.

This leads us to; 

Strategy 5. Unlock your true potential and fulfill your soul‘s purpose: 

Awaken your souls’ destiny (which is YOUR Divine Mission) to attain self-mastery. 

You have a life you were meant lo live regardless of what negative bricks have been thrown at you. Use them to rebuild your dream life!

 Receive more so you can give more. This starts with vital self-care, which is an expression of self love. You must first apply your oxygen mask before others and ignite your own candle before you can shine and share your light with others. (Better yet- light your torch!) ;) 

When you know you’re enough, you know you deserve more; you know you’re worthy of love, success, fulfillment in your relationships and career, improved quality of life, 

vitality, abundance and MUCH more. You’ll have greater appreciation and less difficulty asking for more!

 “Not being good enough” for what you want, is the limiting belief in which most fears are centered. Your personal psychology reigns supreme over your circumstances, not the other way around. 

Strategy 6. Balance your masculine and feminine nature to activate your primal energy and access this innate power: Cultivating this sacred masculine and feminine totality awakens dorment energy and consciousness. (This step was the magical elixir for me)!

Genetics play a major role in our masculine and feminine natures. Where are you possibly swinging the pendulum out of balance? In your Yin nature or Yang? I personally needed to learn to be more in touch with my yin/feminine qualities to establish balance and attain healing. 

When we engage in hemispheric synchronicity by integrating both feminine and masculine quadrants of the brain, we operate from full brain capacity to perform at its best, resulting in a state of unity (coherence) and heart-mind intelligence. This biological process, is our kundalini energy. This is also critical to understand during times of mid-life transits to ensure we experience a “midlife awakening vs. a midlife a crisis. (which occurs between ages 38-52), and prevent the common devastation during this often misunderstood biological growth process. If it’s not too late, save yourself the trouble ;)

Passing down generational shadows or demons is the cause of many of our shortcomings and life problems. Refer back to what occurred during your parents midlife transit and examine whether those same events or patterns have been carbon copied within your experience or could be prevented from theirs. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Confronting these “shadows" could prevent common relationship disasters, such as break ups, divorce, and other unnecessary failures or growing pains in our lives. 

No need to fret, Our proven system provides the mental and psychological steps to learn the remedy and PANACEA to prevent these catastrophic events to realign you to better experiences. 

When operating from a dominant quadrant, such as a right or left-brain hemispheric preference, it leads to polarization, this is where many problems lie and where the ‘law of oppositions’ apply, resulting from the duality of the two hemispheres. By marrying both our feminine and masculine (yin AND yang) nature, we achieve our state of wholeness. With this step, you will no longer need to learn the painful lessons of opposing attractions, no matter what the subject.


Our Final strategy Strategy 7.

Soul Work Through Generational Healing: To recap: 

If you have any restrictions in life or movements in your body, such as pain or discomfort, again it is an indication that blocks are present, stemming from limiting beliefs or generational patterns communicating to you where you are restricted and not living in the flow. Re-align and smooth out these disruptive and distorted patterns to align to your highest quantum potential and raise your overall caliber. 

Self-defeating behaviors are natural to everyone and we have the ability to overcome, these survival tendencies by default, which will enable us to thrive. 

We cover the full 7-step PANACEA to attain self mastery and overcome generational sabotage cycles and self-defeating patterns. Complete your soulwork to instill positive habits, behaviors and beliefs you wish to model within your family dynamic and generational seed or offspring. When you do this inner work, it nourishes and heals the entire generational system. You no longer carry the emotional charge like a magnet to the negative programming and patterns. You instead neutralize it and upgrade intergenerational dynamics, decode emotional and limiting beliefs, reconditioning your mind for the better once you recode negative patterns.

Here is an overview of what we cover in our PANACEA System:

Overcome negative, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and self-limiting behaviors and rewiring your mind for success by removing the bug in your reprogramming with default DNA coding and recode cognitive function, positive neural chemistry & firing healthy neurocircuitry, upgrading mental software and overriding faulty negative programming to align you to your authentic self, profound life purpose and creating a higher contribution to the world. 

Overcome generational patterns by rewiring your neurocircuitry. We do this by enabling our powerful minds to modify its connection or rewire itself ... through a number of ways... 

So, we created a proven system with 7 steps of “SOULWORK to Self Mastery”Course and Workshop. We’ll share a quick review to our PANACEA formula in a moment.

(Definition of panacea: a remedy for all ills or difficulties: CURE-ALL)

In conclusion, through generational healing, you will experience all of these powerful breakthroughs, how to awaken and transform into a richer and more elevated way of life... 

“Soul work through Generational healing” courses are the (fast track) system to help overcome soul blocks to rewire your subconscious mind, and improve the psychology of beliefs to serve you (yay) and develop new neural pathways, which will activate higher brain potential, improving overall neuroplasticity so you can experience soul level fulfillment and fortunately for some of you overgivers, learn to both give AND receive more from life—as they work in partnership with one another.. 

The PANACEA system, SOULWORK Through Generational Healing, To Attain Self Mastery is included in our workshop and courses. 

The best investment you can ever make is in yourself. If you desire improvement or growth in any area of your life, then it starts with you. No one can do our inner work for us. Only we can save and transform ourselves. No matter how painful it maybe to watch loved ones struggle, “we can’t save them, only love them”, just as we can only guide a horse to a trough and let it decide from there. The same is true for the story of how the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, which has long been used as a metaphor for the process of transforming states of consciousness from one dimension to another, and for good reason! The caterpillar undergoes a deep transformative experience that few people fail to fully appreciate. The adult caterpillar, now butterfly, struggles to push its way through a tiny opening of the chrysalis pushing the fluid out of its body and into its wings so they can expand. The butterfly is SUPPOSED to struggle. Without the struggle, the butterfly would never fly. Instead, it would emerge from the chrysalis with a swollen body and shriveled wings and may either die or spend the rest of its life crawling around instead of flying and pollinating. If the eclosion process is interrupted or damaged in any way, it will result in a deformed butterfly. (Link to video of: process ) 

Once the butterfly is free, new life compels its wings to take flight. What once contributed to the destruction of plant life, now contributes to the growth and reproduction of life. No longer confined to a limited form, the butterfly can now mate and soar to new heights, doing its part to help save the forest by harvesting the next generation. 

Similarly, If you too would like to find your wings and contribute more value to the world, you must complete your inner work, just as the metamorphosis the caterpillar must endure on its own to transform into the liberated butterfly. 

Our default patterns cause us to stay stuck and prevent us from 

doing our SoulWork to live our our passions and purpose. You will always get out of life what you put into it so give it the attention that it deserves. 

Here’s an overview of the positive take away from these core healing programs in the proven PANACEA System:

•Decode Emotional Blocks & identify blind spots 

•Heal Inter-relational dynamics, 

•Discover Your Innate Gifts, 

•Identify & Remove the Inner Critic 

•The Power of Intuition, and how to use this higher intelligence as an inner guidance system in your life 

•Utilize Learning Curves as A Framework For Success, 

•Reframe Emotional Scars so they no longer have their power over you, through powerful perceptual reframing 

•Become Empowered via Taking Full Accountability Over Your Life, and Being at the Helm of your own Ship

•Align to Your Authentic Self, 

•Identify Your Key Players and Shapeshifters 

•Unlock Your True Potential And Fulfill Your Soul‘s Purpose 

If you’re ready for personal advancement, self-mastery, or living closer to your ideal reality and would like more information and FREE vlogs or videos like this, please subscribe to our Liberated Living YouTube channel and discover additional mindset mastery techniques, as well as unique self-healing tips & tools, empowerment strategies, all natural holistic, and lifelong solutions, including Self-Mastery signature courses and SoulWork through Generational healing or comment below to provide us with feedback on how we can better serve you... 

With sincere thanks your twin friends here at Liberated Living ✨


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I Love it. I have learned from it!!! It takes time for me to digest it because I have never put that kind of great wisdom into my mind!!! It is very valuable!!! I Love its wisdom!!! Thank You!!! ~C.J.

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