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Recode Core Beliefs to Heal Relationship & Generational Patterns through Genetic Recoding. 💕🧬 💕

Are you experiencing ongoing conflicts within primary relationships and codependency patterns?



Here, we’ll uncover the blind-spots to unresolved emotions and relationship conflict so we can address the root cause of challenges and the weaknesses that naturally occur within primary relationships.


Codependency is not only to substances.

In what ways might you escape to fill empty voids? For instance, do you have a co-dependency to relationships, money, career, prescriptions or substances, electronics, and even shopping? Or any other form of stimulus and escaping-behaviors?

Do you find yourself seeking others approval or escaping to avoid feeling alone? Do you seek out relationships to feel loved? Perhaps you give to others to gain their approval or affection, trying to please others to avoid loneliness, compromising your own needs to prevent it.


You’re likely trapped in a co-dependency cycle of, “giving to get”, an unfortunate lose/lose scenario when all we truly desire is a mutually-unconditionally loving dynamic with our loved ones. The reality is, you can’t be responsible for everyone’s happiness, only your own.


Although this pattern is inherent in each of us and a natural part of our emotional development, looking outside ourselves to fill these needs or validate our self worth induces our codependent behaviors & may negatively impact our sense of self worth. This codependency cycle is an imbalance of giving and receiving within partnerships, despite your best intentions, if you're over-giving and under-receiving, then you’re also depriving the person you're enabling of the lessons they need to learn and grow.

All answers are sourced internally through our personal guidance system. We can activate abundance of love, worth and happiness with the correct mindset. Abundance is available to everyone equally, however if anyone feels devoid of such in their life, then the core belief can be reprogramed. So, what is the source of these perceived voids?


Inherited beliefs and perceived voids, disguised as ‘unmet childhood needs’, are responsible for shaping the majority of our behaviors and core beliefs because they were both modeled to us, imprinting our subconscious programs and transferred genetically.

For this reason, and especially for those that were raised by their parents, inherited dispositions can be the most stubborn emotional patterns to overcome. Unmet needs evolve as a result of the child seeking the love, affection, comfort, or protection of the parent during difficult times and perceiving those needs as not being met. If the child feels his/her emotional needs were dismissed or overlooked, s/he may not be able to self-regulate emotionally, turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms and developing maladaptive responses as a result of the ego’s protection mechanisms, often escaping as a means to self soothe, regardless of whether the parents did their best to adequately meet the child's needs at that time.

Most commonly, these needs are unwittingly transferred to a partner or spouse, now placing those expectations on their partner to meet these unfulfilled needs. This method of operating from fear within relationships will work to our disadvantage, subjecting us to codependency and allowing fear, instead of love, to win every time.


We may also experience perpetual disappointment from these imprinted patterns, reinforcing the belief time and time again, until genetically recoded. We must get to the DNA connection to successfully overcome this subconscious program. By examining the unresolved emotions and reframing the core and limiting belief with heart-mind coherence, we will recode the belief, reprogramming the subconscious mind and upgrading the neurocircuitry, thereby breaking these unwanted patterns and taking our power back. This scientific method will dissolve the ego’s proclivity in operating from the fear of believing we need others love and approval to validate our worth, as all our needs are manufactured within.


These perceived voids persist throughout our life, seeking to fill the void indefinitely, through codependency or other addictions, particularly within partnership dynamics and primary relationships, creating power struggle cycles and unhealthy entanglements, until we learn how to break the pattern. Unfortunately, the parent/child patterns maybe the greatest cause of all our saboteurs.

Liberated Livings’ courses teach their students and practitioners how to break unhealthy codependency on a genetic level, how to both GIVE and RECEIVE, and most importantly, 7 vital steps toward self love, gaining greater self worth & personal success by avoiding sabotage cycles, guiding students to their own intuitive answers.


It helps to look at your patterns and you will likely identify a subconscious belief program operating. We must first face these limiting beliefs to discover the solution to our challenges, otherwise these shadows will perpetuate throughout our lives and create ongoing sabotage cycles in all areas, and not exclusive to our relationships, but whenever we may tend to seek validation. Whether it be a status in relationships, finances, career, education, physical appearance, etc,. We all deserve to overcome these challenges and experience peace and love within relationships, but we must also embody self love first and foremost.

If you don’t feel deserving of more, this distorted belief will create that equivalent reality, until it is healed. The payoff of overcoming these unconscious beliefs must be worth the cost that these defeating patterns create. We all naturally have the wisdom we can access internally so we know we have to go deeper than thinking positive alone, to get to the solution.


We must first face the psychology of our fears and get to the level of the core limiting beliefs that created our sabotage patterns initially to set them free, only then will we effectively break the pattern. Making friends with our weaknesses will not only help us overcome our fears, but will also help us embody unconditional love for ourselves and others to establish mutual empowerment within primary relationships to create lifelong liberation. ✨🦋✨


We can’t assign others the responsibility to love us for ourselves; that is our responsibility alone, as we know that happiness is an inside job. Since we can’t give others what we don’t first have ourselves, then only once we gain greater self love, will we be able to contribute more love to others and moreover, allow ourselves to then, receive more love.


This awareness is the first step to overcome core belief programs & experience self love to heal these perceived voids and no longer experience these harmful generational or sabotage patterns, but experience unconditional love and heal relationship dynamics while liberating our children and loved ones from the same generational hardships, liberating the entire family system 💕🧬💕