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Spirituality versus Religion

For those of you who may be confused or may attach religion with spirituality, afraid of change or perhaps seeking to live more deeply from your innate, spiritual Nature, I hope you can find peace, direction and gain the insight you seek from this article. I trust that this was for you!

First and foremost, the distinct difference between religion and spirituality is that the religious philosophy subscribes to the Newtonian concept. That is, religion teaches separation rather than unity; Separation that their teachings and doctrine is different or the only truth, apart from other religious indoctrination, truths or dogmas such as “programming”and conditioning, rather than universal truth. The idea that a God/Source is outside of us, rather than one within us. Oneness. The idea and concept that we must pray to a Source outside of us, which only keeps us a victim of circumstances and will constantly take the power out of our hands believing that there is a control or force other than our consciousness that is creating all of experiences. This will perpetually keep us at the mercy of life rather than understanding the power of our own mind.

Definition of doctrine

1a : a principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of belief : DOGMA

Catholic doctrine

b : a statement of fundamental government policy especially in international relations

The original doctrines were those of the Catholic Church.

The concept of Spirituality is one of science, quantum physics and unity consciousness, which is that, we are all one with the same universal principle, mind and exist within the collective consciousness, in the context of a universal/cosmic entanglement. The understanding that spirituality is in essence, our thought consciousness guiding the soul experience and operates from the construct of our thought frequency vibration that we can unify to our Divine intelligence, creating our experiences. Metaphorically a biological antenna that signals different frequencies within the Universal energy field from our thought consciousness. We have our own internal technology and power as light beings, with the capability to communicate from our light language and access our untapped 90% brain or mind potential...our core and true self. This is where Spiritually and Science come together beautifully.

The common thread of all truth found within any religion is fundamental Universal truths. We can access all of our answers, which are internally manufactured, our abundance and unlimited source. There are no answers or God’s outside of us. We can ask and receive, we can meditate and access Divine intuition as we are the channel of universal energy consciousness. “As within so without”.

If perchance, you feel you are struggling and only surviving rather than thriving, remember that you are always free to choose your consciousness and a powerful co-creator of this force within the energy field. Just as you can refill your own cup, you can refill and refuel your mind to improve your circumstances.

We are all One. One race, and that is the human race. All differences are only individual expressions of this Universal energy that others may define as Source or Higher Universal Power, sometimes referred to as God consciousness. We can operate from higher levels of awareness, thereby living within our higher dimensions. Also known as our Higher Self. This is from the state of conscious awareness and awakening, continually prompting our inner alignment work to live by our Divine reality and from the highest ideals. From love, not fear. Soul, not ego.

Knowing there is only Universal truths and wisdom existential to all of humanity and life form. And, as we learn to balance and align to universal laws and energy, we will completely understand how to evolve ourselves spiritually with Divine intelligence, living in perfect harmony with these immutable (never changing) laws and principles that govern & shape our lives.

Living from the heart and soul level IS living from our Divine intelligence and an exact science of the “heart mind intelligence” or coherence. “God//Universal Source” is LOVE. The highest form of unconditional love. So, as we live more congruent to our unconditional nature’s of love, we are living from our highest expression of our Divine essence, that is, “God” consciousness. Love is our highest creative power therefore, God/Universe is the highest creative power. If you must worship anything, worship the highest expression of Universal Love.

Living from love takes a lifetime of practice for many, if not all, of us and we each deserve more room to improve and permission to both evolve and master our levels of consciousness to attain self love—unconditionally, throughout our lives as well as fiercely accepting ourselves so we don’t unwittingly assign that responsibility on others or give others that power over us. This will only cause us to depend on others to fill our void to love us when we know that’s an inside job. Only then can we also love others at that same level as well, since we can’t give or offer what we don’t first have or embody within, which makes unconditional self love the best gift we can ever give to ourselves and the world at large, allowing us to contribute more to ourselves and moreover, contributing more to others only from our best. “As within so without”. ✨💕✨