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Advanced Genetic Recoding & P.A.N.A.C.E.A. System with 1:1 Sessions

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Overview The advanced Genetic Recoding system is a groundbreaking therapeutic process designed to address core subconscious beliefs and recurring patterns at their very root. Unlike traditional approaches, which may only scratch the surface, Genetic Recoding delves deep into the subconscious mind, dissolving epigenetic patterns and activating latent DNA potential. At its essence, Genetic Recoding recognizes that many of our beliefs and behaviors are not solely products of our personal experiences but are deeply ingrained within our genetic makeup. These inherited dispositions can perpetuate cycles of dysfunction and limit our potential for growth and fulfillment. Through a carefully crafted process, Genetic Recoding untangles these genetic threads, reprogramming the subconscious mind to release outdated beliefs and patterns. By addressing issues at their genetic source, practitioners can catalyze profound transformation and empower individuals to unlock their innate potential. This stand-alone therapeutic process offers a holistic approach to healing, bypassing surface-level symptoms to address the root cause of issues. By activating dormant DNA potential, Genetic Recoding enables individuals to transcend limitations and embrace a life of greater abundance and fulfillment. In essence, Genet This Genetic Recoding Course for Participants includes: -The complete Genetic Recoding Participant course - level I: Introduction to Genetic Recoding prerequisite course, -Level II: the the complete 7-Step PANACEA Model as a comprehensive personal guide to Genetic Recoding, -A Digital and/or printable & downloadable workbook, Written & video modules with therapeutic exercises, and downloadable PDF's, A FREE downloadable reference guide to ‘Genetically Recode Core Emotions & Subconscious Beliefs’. Private 1-on-1 sessions are included in this Advanced Participant eCourse in Genetic Recoding! Course duration time: A 4-8 week Accredited Certificate of Completion Course. 

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