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Welcome to the Accredited School of
Holistic Psychology & Naturopathic Medicine

Featured Certification Programs

As providers of non-medical education and non-invasive approaches, our holistic practitioners and professionals practice health and wellness through natural means. They implement holistic counseling, prescribe plant-based and herbal remedies, changes to your diet, meditation, and exercise regimes. They may also help their clients and patients through advanced strategies that include holistic psychology, holistic psychotherapy, spiritual guidance, and more to address the root cause of illness and the body's imbalance. This form of holistic medicine is growing in demand because many patients are looking for natural ways to remedy illnesses that don't involve prescription medication but address the whole scope of an individual's mind, body, and spirit connection as it relates to health and overall well-being, preparing them for work as holistic practitioners. Earn an Internationally Accredited Certification in; Holistic Psychology, Mind-Body Integration, Health and Low Impact Fitness, Holistic Nutrition, or combined as either a Naturopathic or Master Holistic Practitioner!


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