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Intermediate Genetic & Behavioral Iridology

  • 365días
  • 3pasos
Obtén un certificado al completar el programa.
Todos los que completen todos los pasos del programa obtendrán una insignia.


Intermediate Genetic & Behavioral (Rayid) Iridology (Level 2) This Intermediate Iridology eCourse is a 3-part series (multi-training levels and modules), and can also be purchased separately depending on your level of experience with holistic iridology. You can fast-track the course or go at your own pace. Course Curriculum: Levels 1-3 of Rayid Iridology Level 1- Introduction to Genetic & Behavioral (Rayid) Iridology: students will complete practical hours, 3-5 case studies, and a quiz to demonstrate a working knowledge of level 1 iridology before moving on to level 2. Level 2 - Intermediate Iridology eCourse: Genetic & Behavioral Rayid Iridology. In this segment, students will be required to complete a quiz and assignments that correspond to each module to demonstrate a working knowledge of level 2. The level 2 Intermediate Rayid Iridology course also includes the level 1 Introduction course. Level 3- The final segment of the course will be dedicated to students learning Level 3 - Advanced Rayid Iridology and how to perform a complete assessment. At the end of the course program, the preliminary exam and practice hours will be submitted to demonstrate the ability to successfully perform a Rayid Iridology assessment. This level 3 Advanced Rayid Iridology course also includes Levels 1 & 2, Introduction & Intermediate Genetic & Behavioral Iridology. *You will be asked to set up your login credentials first before purchasing this product to access the program.

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