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Introduction to Mind-Body Medicine (FREE Training)

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Sample our Mind-Body Integration program! This Introduction is the prerequisite to the Mind-Body Integration program. It is approximately 1 hour long and includes 1 earned CE and CPD credit hour. Fulfill your purpose as a leader and unlock your innate potential in our Certified Mind-Body Integration program! About the Mind-Body Integration Program: -This program delves into the connection of Mind-Body Integration - journeying through the 12 emotional zones and 7 Chakra centers, uncovering the bio-emotional link to both physical & psychological well-being. -Participants will develop an understanding of the role of emotions, trauma, and psychological experiences in physical well-being and how they could be blocking progress and causing physical symptoms. -Participants will discover the correlation of emotional & psychological trauma, and the manifestation of physical symptoms & psychosomatic (mind-body) conditions. -Participants will gain knowledge in Health, Nutrition, and a host of Holistic Protocols, enabling them to guide clients and others seeking holistic well-being. *Practitioner Practicum is recommended for participants without a formal background or clinical experience where they can receive professional training and become fully equipped with a ready-made, turnkey practice WITHOUT waiting years to PROFIT or build a business from scratch (UPGRADE) Full certification course duration time: Approximately 4 weeks / 400 total hours + Earned credit hours for CEU's/CPDs Become Certified in Holistic Psychology, the Mind-Body Connection, Holistic Nutrition, and Health & Fitness, or combine these programs in our internationally accredited Master Holistic Practitioner course! *If you are not already a member, you will be asked to set up your login credentials before purchasing or receiving access to this program.

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