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Online Summit

Certified Master Holistic Practitioner

Fast-track a ready-made, holistic practice WITHOUT waiting years to PROFIT by accessing powerful shortcuts and holistic therapies for your new or existing, turnkey practice! Accredited Holistic Psychology, Mind-Body Integration, Health & Fitness, and Yoga Certification! CEUs & CPDs available!

Certified Master Holistic Practitioner
Certified Master Holistic Practitioner

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Time is TBD

Online Summit

Acerca del evento

Become Certified in Holistic Psychology, the Mind-Body Connection, and Holistic Health & Fitness as a Master Holistic Practitioner! Earn a Fully-Accredited & International Certification!  

Certification Program # 1

  • Our Master Holistic Practitioner Program offers a comprehensive exploration of Holistic Psychology techniques, including the decoding of subconscious barriers and the recoding of epigenetic programming. 
  • Learn the vital role of emotions, trauma, and psychological experiences in physical well-being, addressing how they can hinder progress and manifest as physical symptoms.
  • Receive Professional Training in Practitioner Practicum and become fully equipped with a ready-made, turnkey practice WITHOUT waiting years to PROFIT or get started.
  • Access powerful shortcut holistic therapies for your new practice without building a business from scratch.
  • Fulfill your purpose as a leader & unlock your innate potential to recondition your mind for success.
  • Discover the 4 empowering steps to heal relational dynamics, make a greater impact, & double your income as an expert in your field!

Certification Program #2

  • The Master Holistic Practitioner program also delves into the metaphysical connection of Mind-Body Integration, uncovering the bio-emotional link to both physical and psychological well-being. Participants will gain knowledge in Health and Nutritional Protocols, enabling them to offer guidance to individuals with food allergies and dietary restrictions.  

Certification Program #3

  • In this certification program, students will embark on a journey through groundbreaking studies highlighting the profound connection between nutrition, exercise, behavior, and mental health. This exploration will lead to a holistic approach to Holistic Health and Fitness, utilizing the healing potential of a healthy lifestyle,  including low-impact exercise & fitness aimed at injury prevention and protection, and natural remedies and nutraceuticals to achieve optimal well-being.

Enjoy live sessions and therapeutic exercises in this one-of-a-kind, Master Holistic Certification Program. Earn continuing education (CEUs) & continuing professional development (CPDs) hours for attending!

Join our online Holistic Summit to gain from our Holistic Professional Instructors & transform your personal & professional life on this healing journey as you become certified in any of these programs separately or collectively as a Master Holistic Practitioner!


  • 2 días 1 hora

    Master Holistic Practitioner Certification Summit

    Zoom Conference
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  • 3 Day Holistic Summit

    Learn how to Fast-track a Ready-Made Practice WITHOUT waiting years to PROFIT or build a business from scratch by accessing powerful shortcut, holistic strategies & therapies for your new, turnkey practice!

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