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mar, 06 jun


Holistic Psychology Certification Workshop

Holistic Psychology Certification + Therapeutic Workshop

If you're ready to fast-track your progress in your personal and professional life, then join us for a powerful holistic psychology workshop for advanced minds where we will be introducing therapeutic recoding strategies that can also provide you with an immediate turnkey practice!

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Holistic Psychology Certification + Therapeutic Workshop
Holistic Psychology Certification + Therapeutic Workshop

Horario y ubicación

06 jun 2023, 17:30 – 18:30 GMT-6

Holistic Psychology Certification Workshop

Acerca del evento

Holistic Psychology Workshop:

In this therapeutic workshop, we will be introducing you to an advanced, therapeutic process that reprograms and re-codes subconscious beliefs and inherited psychological programming, which are often a result of trauma, conditioned beliefs, and genetically transmitted trauma. By registering, you will have the chance to attend the free workshop and recieve the eBook & audiobook, ' ReCode Subconscious Beliefs', which is the prerequisite course for both the certification and non-certification courses - included free to implement into your personal and professional life!! The first workshop is FREE to attend and we will have a live Q & A to answer all of your questions.  Otherwise, you can book a FREE consultation to receive guidance on a step by step game plan to achieve your professional goals. Book your FREE consultation here

8-Week Practitioner Diploma Workshop:

If you're ready to fast-track your results in - just 2 short months,  then join this high-leverage workshop where you can become certified as a holistic psychology practitioner! You will rapidly advance extraordinary results throughout the remaining 7 weeks; you will recode inherent programming to attain ideal goals, whether it is related to health, finances, relationship(s), career, a new home, friendships, or any other desire you wish to achieve. Each week, we will offer powerful recoding tools with psychotherapeutic exercises to guide you to your own answers and solutions to become a POWER-HOUSE! These steps are designed to remove setbacks to success and heal core, sabotage patterns and beliefs that you're ready to address and master. You can get started with a small deposit, installment, or the full payment before or at the conclusion of the meeting to become an internationally certified coach or holistic psychology practitioner with a turnkey practice in 8 weeks!

Holistic Psychology & Genetic ReCoding

This workshop will guide participants with a 7-Step PANACEA system using the therapeutic strategies of Genetic Recoding®, which is a holistic therapy that incorporates powerful mindset techniques to naturally activate epigenetic potential by recoding negative subconscious beliefs and genetically transmitted trauma known as transgenerational epigenetic inheritance (TEI). We will address the "whole" scope of the inividual on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual) known as "holistic", including mind-body or psychosomatic conditions (physical illness or conditions resulting from trauma). This unique workshop is ideal for those seeking fast-track healing solutions and personal life mastery with proven healing techniques that we'll be covering, such as;

  • Holistic psychology,
  • Psychotherapy,
  • Holistic & Body Psychotherapy,
  • Mindfulness Meditation,
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),
  • Subconscious Reprogramming & Hypnotherapy Techniques,
  • Inner-child Work
  • Shadow Work
  • Perceptual Reframing,
  • Powerful Recoding Strategies,
  • Child & Family Trauma Therapy
  • Addiction Recovery,
  • Epigenetic Re-patterning, 
  • Genetic Recoding
  • And so much more!


Registrants will have 1-hour each week in a therapeutic community with an opportunity to improve their mindset and transform conditions in their life, and also receive a fully accredited holistic practiitoner diploma + turnkey practice, with the option to recieve private 1:1 sessions. We are extending this amazing opportunity to get certified in a group workshop as a limited time offer! The workshop will keep you on track and solution-focused to ensure you will see your goals though to fruition with a like-minded community that is passionate about learning holistic methods and successfully mastering their lives to offer the most to their clients as an internationally-accredited holistic practitioner!  We're here to support the fulfillment of your efforts and delighted to have you join us! Select the ticket offer below and we will look forward to welcoming you to this dynamic workshop!

Discounts & Savings

  • Bring a friend! Save more by referring a partner, spouse, friend, or family member when you purchase more than one ticket, become a Liberated Living member, or purchase with an early bird discount. If you're ready to jump on the opportunity to get certified, then take advantage of the "early bird" special and receive an additional $100 OFF the 8-week certification workshop for a total of $397 (Regularly $1497!). Select the Early Bird ticket offer, then use promo code at checkout: EARLYBIRD
  • $25.00 Deposit + FREE eBook
  • $397.00 ($100 OFF Early Bird Discount before June 6, 2023)
  • Regularly $1497!

What Others Are Saying

With the PANACEA system, I healed my childhood trauma, tripled my income, aligned to my ideal career,

healed mental health, and gained new confidence so I can feel healthy before having children instead of passing these trauma patterns to my offspring! Real core healing, renewed confidence, self-empowerment, an accredited diploma, a turnkey practice, freedom, purpose, & income--You can't beat all that this program has to offer anywhere! ~J. Hill

What Others Are Saying

"With the PANACEA system, I healed my childhood trauma, doubled my income, aligned to my ideal career, healed mental health, and gained new confidence so I can be healthy before having children instead of passing these trauma patterns to my offspring. This program has done wonders for me & I have referred countless friends and family; it's a no-brainer!"

~Jason Hall

"I saved YEARS of my time and trial and error with the powerful turnkey program. I can use everything provided by Liberated Living that my practice needs to create more time for my family and vacationing. I set my own hours and work part time with a full time income. Who doesn't want that?! I never feel ove-rwhlemed because all of the work has been done for me, therefore I keep my life simple and manageable without the stress of building my own business. It has also done wonders for my mindset and generational patterns to increase my vibration and easily manifest my dream life; huge bonus! I am so grateful that I was referred to this program. I am infinitely grateful to Liberated Living."

~Cas M.T, Emotion Code & Holistic Psychology Practitioner

“I come from a family with Ph.d's in Psychology, so I have been studying psychology and every method of therapy for the majority of my life. I have practiced every type of therapy from advanced to spiritual, so when I lost two precious family members in the same year, I had exhausted all of my resources. I had put in all of the work and had done all of the inner work I could to cope through this trauma, and it was not by a lack of effort that I was at my wits end. There was nothing left for me to turn to and I lost hope. It was then that I came across Liberated Living, and it absolutely altered my existence as well as my family’s. It was groundbreaking. I know this is Liberated Living‘s destiny to this world because it is the ONLY thing that works! I have changed and recoded my DNA through this program!”


"I absolutely LOVE this practitioner program to not only receive guidance and ideal results in my own life, but to also have easy and fun exercise templates with a done for you workbook for my clients. It has simplified my life so much! I gained so much knowledge and wisdom in this course, more than I could have expected to help me advance to the next level of my life. My clients think it's the most advanced therapy they have ever had, making me feel like a leader with purpose, and I receive so many referrals! It has truly changed my life, mind, relationships, and career! Thank you!"

~Ashley, C.H.T., C.B.T

"I have learned a lot and gained quite a bit of value from this. I looked forward to it every week!" I overcame sabotage patterns in my relationships and even received a raise. I have a better outlook on my life and feel better everyday!"

~Cindy, D.

"I'm recoding my DNA thanks to ecourses by Liberated Living!! You should check out these courses for your own personal healing!! I am already getting so much value. It has made a difference in my life already!"

~Christi. A.

"You can’t NOT improve your life with this course! I have learned from it!!! It takes time for me to digest it because I have never put that kind of great wisdom into my mind!!! It is very valuable!!! I became a better person through the process. I Love it, thank You!!"

~C. J.

"I wasn't new to therapy, however I used to suffer with P.T.S.D. and other mental health disorders, including cognitive distortions that I healed through Liberated Living. I feel like a new person and even have a new mindset because I've overcome my past programming. I've stepped into a new potential and have even transformed physically for the better. I am performing much higher in life with higher self-confidence and achievements, thanks to these effective strategies. It's different from anything else out there. I have recommended many folks to Liberated Living".


"I have healed so much trauma and gained so much self-love. I am a much better person today and feel so accomplished, gained a higher emotional I.Q. because of this course, thank you!"

~Jamie. H.

"I have gained such a new perspective with knowledge I have never known before to help me heal and succeed. It's very eye-opening and I am learning so much! I have taken many courses and what makes Liberated Living stand out from the rest is by addressing the core genetic or childhood programming. I would love to provide a testimonial of my success from this course. I highly recommend it!"

~Rachel Wellness Coach

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Compra una membresía y obtén un 10 % de descuento en este evento al finalizar la compra


  • FREE Therapeutic Workshop

    Attend the first workshop absolutely FREE! Enjoy the benefits of this therapeutic workshop and learn about the holistic psychology certification. Feel free to extend an invite to anyone you believe will benefit from this therapeutic workshop or the 8 week certification.

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  • Deposit + FREE eBook

    This deposit will guarantee your spot and be applied toward your certification. You will also receive your FREE eBook, "Genetically Recode Subconscious Beliefs" to get a jump-start on advanced belief recoding strategies to begin transforming conditions in your life and will be applied toward the certification program! Remaining balance due on or before the first workshop.

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  • Early Bird $100 OFF

    Receive an additional $100 OFF when you register before the deadline. FREE eBook + Certification. We will be introducing you to the advanced, therapeutic strategies of Genetic Recoding® with the opportunity to become an internationally certified holistic practitioner, and receive the eBook to "Recode Subconscious Beliefs'! This covers the full cost of the certification program. This ticket reflects the fully accredited certification + Free eBook, 'Genetically Recode Subconscious Beliefs'.

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    • 397,00 US$
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