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Workshops & Psychoeducation

Topics: Addiction and the Brain, Relapse Prevention, Health, Nutrition

Descripción del servicio

Our teachers, counselors, transformational coaches, and spiritual leaders, lead paradigm shifts and self-realization practices in our Programs, Healing Retreats, Classes, and Accredited Diploma Courses. We teach on a wide variety of topics, from Addiction and the Brain, Relapse Prevention, Health, Nutrition, The Psychology of Eating, Mindfulness subjects, Generational Healing, Self-Healing, Empowerment Classes, Personal Development courses, Relationship and Communication Skills, and more. Join us as we explore a variety of life-changing topics on personal and spiritual development including Individual & Relationship dynamics, Whole Body Wellness, Energy Transformation, Wholeness and Total Healing, how to engage in life fully and much more! Your journey to conscious living begins here...!

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