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Holistic and Naturopathic Practitioner

As a naturopathy practitioner, you'll assume a pivotal role in nurturing the holistic health and vitality of your clients. Your sanctuary will be a haven of tranquility, where individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery and natural healing. Armed with expertise in naturopathic principles and techniques, you'll serve as a compassionate guide, empowering clients to unravel the layers of their health challenges and embrace transformative wellness.

Homeopathy and herbal medicine

Welcome to the realm of holistic medicine and naturopathy, where healing meets harmony, and well-being flourishes through natural means. Embark on a transformative journey with Liberated Learnings Practitioner Training Course, where you'll discover the power of nature-driven methods in nurturing personal development, fostering healing, and embracing holistic wellness. Naturopathy embodies a profound philosophy that honors the body's innate ability to heal itself. It intertwines natural techniques with a holistic approach, offering a gentle yet potent pathway to overcome health hurdles, alleviate stress, and cultivate a deeper understanding of one's well-being. From stress management to digestive woes and chronic illnesses, naturopathy stands as a beacon of hope, guiding individuals toward optimal health and vitality. Visit our Holistic and Naturopathic programs

Professional Career Naturopathic and Holistic Practitioner

The demand for skilled naturopathy practitioners is burgeoning. Upon completing Liberated Living's Naturopathy Practitioner Training Course, a myriad of career avenues unfolds before you. Whether it's within the serene confines of natural health clinics, wellness retreats, rejuvenating spas, or the tranquil realms of yoga centers, or even forging your path through private practice, the possibilities are boundless. Why Liberated's Naturopathy Practitioner Training Course? LL's Naturopathy Practitioner Training Course stands as a beacon of excellence, offering a rich tapestry of knowledge and practical wisdom. Delve deep into the core of naturopathic principles, immerse yourself in transformative holistic theories, and hone your skills through hands-on practice. Embark on this enriching odyssey of natural medicine, and emerge as a beacon of holistic wellness, ready to illuminate the lives of others with the profound wisdom of naturopathy.

About The Founders

Corinne Sullivan, BSc. HP, and Camille Sullivan CBT, HP, are the founders of Liberated Living and have practiced as holistic practitioners and therapists since 2000 where they gained their expertise in the areas of holistic sciences and implemented their education and clinical work in the areas of health, nutrition, wellness, psychology, and natural medicine.


Camille Sullivan
Holistic  Psychology Practitioner, Educator, Author & Co-Founder


Cofounder of Liberated Livings School of Holistic and Naturopathic Medicine

Founder of Liberated Livings School of Holistic and Naturopathic Medicine

Founder of Liberated Livings School of Holistic and Naturopathic Medicine

Intro course ebook: Genetic Recoding

Intro course ebook: Genetic Recoding

Self-Love is the PANACEA eBook

Self-Love is the PANACEA eBook

Twins and Founders of the School of Holistic and Naturopathic Medicine

Twins and Founders of the School of Holistic and Naturopathic Medicine

Twin Founders of Liberated Living

Twin Founders of Liberated Living

A Total Holistic Health Care Program.png

A Total Holistic Health Care Program

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Holistic Iridologist Topography Chart: Holistic Behavioral Iridology

Camille Sullivan is a highly experienced holistic practitioner with over 20 years in the industry. She specializes in personal growth and transformation, guiding clients to unlock their full potential and achieve self-mastery. Using her advanced 7-Step PANACEA Model, Camille helps individuals reprogram subconscious beliefs and patterns that hinder success, fostering growth and fulfillment. She is professionally accredited and offers proven signature programs aimed at overcoming self-sabotage behaviors, healing trauma, and establishing successful relationships.  With a diverse clinical background and education in holistic therapies, nutrition, science of mind, and mind-body practices, Camille provides customized tools and strategies to address core programming on a DNA level, ensuring long-term solutions. She is also an author and educator, offering internationally accredited courses and publications on topics such as genetic recoding, holistic psychology, mind-bodymedicine, and self-healing. Through her unique approach, Camille empowers individuals to gain new awareness and awaken to their true potential on their journey to holistic well-being.

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Corinne Sullivan

Holistic Practitioner, Therapist, Author, Educator, & Co-founder

Corinne Sullivan is a passionate holistic educator, therapist, and practitioner with over 2 decades of clinical experience. With a broad educational background in holistic sciences, naturopathy, psychology, counseling, and nutrition, Corinne empowers individuals to cultivate healthy habits, positive self-esteem, spiritual values, and true self-discovery. As an internationally accredited practitioner, she awards diplomas and certifications in various healing modalities, including holistic iridology, naturopathy, holistic psychology, nutrition, and more. Through workshops, healing programs, and educational content, Corinne shares her expertise by way of educating and training other professionals and aspiring practitioners in topics such as holistic psychology,addiction counseling, personality assessments, and natural medicine. She is also an author of numerous publications and eCourses, focusing on genetic recoding, holistic psychology, and dietary regimens. Corinne's passion for healing and transformation shines through her commitment to empowering others on their journey to holistic well-being.

     "With my background in both health sciences and natural medicine, I have established a very balanced view of the harmonious blend of science and nature. With my broad background in holistic sciences and psychology, I have developed a well-balanced view on science and spirituality". ~Corinne Sullivan ​

Liberated Living teaches the way of an inspiring and higher conscious life through the essentials of therapeutic and holistic living via online courses, such as self-healing programs for participants, and accredited diploma programs designed for professionals, health products and nutraceuticals, literature, publications, blogs, newsletters, eBooks, audio-books, podcasts, and video channel outlets, member subscriptions, and more to provide effective tools and comprehensive, holistic courses to empower it's audience and members. Liberated Living also teaches holistic wellness programs and holistic psychology integrating advanced mindset strategies such as Genetic Recoding® courses and additional methods to recode limiting beliefs, traumas, and subconscious programming, that is often transgenerational, eliminating cycles of epigenetic influences while liberating the entire generational system. These advanced techniques are beneficial for individuals, couples, families, and professionals alike - referred to as programs for either Participants or Practitioners. Liberated Living also provides coursework for seasoned and aspiring professionals that offer an internationally-accredited diploma and establishes our certified practitioners as the expert in their field, increasing credibility and qualifications, while fully training and equipping them with a ready-made professional practice to further enable them with the ability to succeed with either an existing practice or initiate a successful career!


​"Our bodies are in fact the realization of our subconscious minds. We are one system; the brain is integrated into the body at a molecular level and therefore neither can be treated separately without the other being directly affected."
~Candace Pert, Ph.D, Founder of Mind-Body Medicine

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