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Holistic Psychology Certification

Join us for a fun & therapeutic experiential workshop and walk away with a fully accredited

& international certification!

Join our 7 week Holistic Psychology Diploma Workshop, where we will be introducing you to the advanced, therapeutic process that reprograms and re-codes negative subconscious beliefs on a genetic level, and psychological programming that are often a result of trauma, conditioned beliefs, and genetically transmitted trauma.


By registering, you will have the opportunity to receive a completely done-for-you, therapeutic & coaching workbook for both personal and professional use. Or, you can UPGRADE to the fully accredited Practitioner Diploma + Turnkey Business-in-a-Box or the Advanced Practitioner Diploma, that includes the Turnkey Business-in-a-Box as well as private, with the option to also upgrade to private, 1:1 sessions + Practitioner Training & become internationally certified in Holistic Psychology within 8 short weeks!


Select the date below to register and claim your spot in this interactive therapeutic & holistic psychology certification workshop!

FREE Holistic Psychology Certification + Therapeutic Workshop
FREE Holistic Psychology Certification + Therapeutic Workshop
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Jun 29, 2023, 4:00 PM MDT
Holistic Psychology Certification Workshop

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