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Advanced Holistic Psychology, 1:1 Sessions, Turnkey Practice

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Overview The Advanced Holistic Psychology Turnkey Professional program with 1:1 sessions is available in both written & video modules and accessible online with a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and includes: *Level I: Introduction to Genetic Recoding prerequisite course, and the advanced diploma course for professionals containing the 7-Step PANACEA Model, *Private 1-on-1 sessions with practitioner practicum training, *Advanced strategies to overcome childhood trauma and generational patterns by genetically reframing the subconscious mind, getting to the source of the belief system, *Exclusive access to our therapeutic workshops & private online Liberated Living community with VIP-level advantages and professional support, *Receive a done-for-you business-in-a-box with modules & therapeutic workbooks, a Holistic Psychology Practitioner Manual complete with strategies and course exercises that include step-by-step guidance of the therapeutic process for you, your clients, and your healing practice, templates and PDFs to start or advance your business right away, *Member Plans & Payment Plan Options, *1125 earned credit hours of continuing education units (CEUs) or continuing professional development (CPDs), *Graduates are eligible for a professional diploma immediately upon the successful completion of the course and preliminary exam! Course duration time: Approximately 6-12 weeks / 1125 total credit hours of CEUs/CPDs

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