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Health & Low Impact Fitness Trainer (L.I.F.T.)

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Health & Low Impact Fitness Trainer (L.I.F.T.): Low-impact fitness helps to achieve fitness goals without the harmful impact on joints and muscles. It is beneficial for people of all fitness levels, as well as for those with injuries, pain, or connective tissue problems, such as arthritis, muscle tension, stiffness, inflexibility, limited joint mobility, back, neck, or shoulder misalignment, and more! If you’re ready to step into the journey of holistic health & foundational exercise training to deepen your practice or go on to teach others, then this is the right program for you. Low-impact training includes variations of yoga, Pilates, and rehabilitative workouts that embody a healing power to transform your life and the lives of others by reducing physical pain and improving physical and structural health. As a certified L.I.F.T. trainer, you'll be able to lead a variety of low-impact fitness classes. Students will journey through the profound connection between nutrition, exercise, and well-being. This exploration will lead to a holistic approach to Health and Fitness, utilizing the healing potential of a healthy lifestyle, including core movement and therapeutic exercise, diet, and nutrition to achieve optimal well-being. Enjoy video training modules and therapeutic exercises in this Health & Fitness, L.I.F.T. Certification Program or in our one-of-a-kind, Master Holistic Certification Program. Earn an accredited certification and hours toward continuing education (CEUs) & continuing professional development (CPDs)! *You will be asked to set up your login credentials first before purchasing this product to access the program.

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