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Holistic Psychology Practitioner

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Best Seller! Overview: The Holistic Psychology Practitioner Diploma eCourse in Genetic Recoding is beneficial for healing professionals, as well as for those who are serious about overcoming inherent patterns and subconscious programming, advancing their healing, or diving deeper to fulfill their purpose and unlock innate potential. This inner work will enable course participants to upgrade their mental and emotional psychology, recode self-sabotage, fears, and limiting beliefs to instill new positive beliefs, and habits to create positive momentum and overcome trauma and generational patterns, empowering family dynamics and liberating the entire generational system. As a course participant, you will gain advanced skills in Holistic Psychology under the scope of *Genetic Recoding® and become proficient in a variety of popular therapeutic techniques that can also be used as an adjunct therapy with other healing modalities and therapy programs e.g., •Psychotherapy •Adaptive Coping & Emotional Responses •Perceptual Reframing •Holistic Psychology & Body Psychotherapy •Restructuring Belief Systems •Genetic Recoding • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) •Epigenetic Psychology •Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (M-CBT) •Generational Healing •Child & Family Trauma Therapy •Humanistic & Psychodynamic Therapies & More The Business-in-a-Box (UPGRADE) fully equips you and your practice as a professional to go deeper with all of your clients and future prospects utilizing proven therapeutic strategies and workbook exercises to guide them in overcoming sabotaging behaviors and negative patterns, and to reframe the subconscious mind on a genetic level, getting to the source of the issue! Course duration time: Approximately 6-12 weeks / 1105 total hours + Earned credit hours for CEU's/CPDs *You will be asked to set up your login credentials first before purchasing this product to access the program.

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