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Advanced Iridology Diploma + Business-in-a-Box

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No previous experience is necessary or required for this course, although some knowledge and experience is helpful. This Advanced Rayid Iridology Diploma & Business-in-a-Box course covers: *Levels 1-3 of Rayid Iridology and comprises the integration of both wholistic and behavioral iridology, featuring the primary personality types, emotional, behavioral, and physical models of iridology. This program outlines the essential core of personality and genetic behavioral patterns adapted from the Rayid Model® as the four major Iris types. *Students and course participants will receive a personal copy of 'Your Personality Blueprint' which is a digital and downloadable guide. They will need to test their knowledge at each level before advancing to the next course level. *The Business-in-a-Box package equips the aspiring professional with all the forms and templates needed to fully perform iridology assessments with confidence and start a successful practice, including iridology topography charts, health assessment forms and questionnaires, medical disclaimers, client confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. With this diploma, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on their client's lives. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this course is perfect for anyone who wants to master the art of iridology and take their practice to the next level! **If you are not already a member, you will be asked to set up your login credentials prior to receiving access to this program.

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