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Naturopathy Certification

  • 84Days
  • 38Steps
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The Naturopathy program offers a unique and comprehensive approach to health treatment, focusing on natural and holistic methods to enhance overall well-being. Students will delve into the principles and philosophies of naturopathy, including nutrition, diet, exercise, vitamins, herbal medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and more. The program emphasizes the role of a naturopathy practitioner in guiding clients toward optimal health through non-invasive and body-respecting practices. Participants will learn about managing various health conditions, holistic mental health, mindfulness, yoga, and the importance of ethical and best practices guidelines in naturopathic care. Students can go on to become an internationally accredited Naturopathic Holistic Practitioner by completing each of the following programs: Holistic Psychology, Mind-Body Wellness, Holistic Nutrition, and Health & Low Impact Fitness Training. *Practitioner Practicum is recommended for participants without a formal background or clinical experience where they can receive professional training and become fully equipped with a ready-made, turnkey practice! Non-licensed health professionals, coaches, and consultants are welcome to this intermediate-level certification program, which does not require previous education or clinical-related experience. However, completing a practicum program is highly recommended for students without a clinical background, or receiving our Practitioner Practicum Certificate of Completion before moving into a clinical practice. This Naturopathy program is also available to professionals for earned hours of Continuing Education and/or Professional Development who are interested in learning about holistic healthcare and naturopathic medicine or incorporating these natural methods into their practice. 8-16 Weeks

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Single Payment
Naturopathy Program Payment Plan
$200.00/month + $14.99 Installment Fee


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