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Genetically Recode Subconscious Beliefs for Participants & Individuals

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4-8 Week Course

Genetically Recode Subconscious Beliefs for Participants & Individuals


Corinne & Camille

Liberated Living

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If you're ready to overcome personal limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors by breaking core generational patterns to reach a higher level living and discover how to train your mind to work for you each day, and recode inherent programming, without the guesswork, then Liberated Living has unique healing self-study e-courses to advance you on your liberating journey toward self-mastery. When you choose to be the chain-breaker through generational healing, you get to the root of the matter quicker, and for the long-term. One of the greatest benefits of doing this inner healing and soul work is by doing so, we liberate our own children from the perpetual burdens of these inter-generational chains - liberating the entire family.

This eCourse will gently guide you step-by-step to “Genetically Recode Subconscious Beliefs”, implementing our complete 7-Step PANACEA system that utilizes a shortcut process to get to the root of self-healing on a genetic level for participants & I\individuals, freeing you from generational patterns. *Payments installments are available through Liberated Living's Membership Plans on the Plans & Pricing Page.

This course comes with both a Digital & Downloadable Workbook, the choice of Written and/or Video Lectures throughout, and a Certificate of Completion for Students. We look forward to guiding you through your soul healing journey!

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