Healthy by Nature is a Dietary Regimen that is a low calorie diet safe for Candida, Celiac's, and Diabetes, and beneficial for a healthy regimen and weight management.

The Healthy by Nature Dietary Regimen

  • This booklet is designed to provide dietary guidelines and suggestions toward a healthy dietary regimen that is safe for all blood types and most health conditions. Whether your goal is for weight loss, achieving optimal health, prevention, or simply to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, this booklet will enable you to accomplish your goal.


    The National Institutes of Health explains that the brain is a chemical factory that constantly produces neurotransmitters throughout our lives. The raw materials are amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Many neuromodulators that regulate brain chemistry and balance mood can and should be obtained from a well-balanced diet containing the major food groups. In addition, this booklet is helpful in providing tips for those who endeavor to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, but also offers healthy recommendations for those who prefer to eat meat as well.


    This booklet conveys solutions on how to prevent inflammatory conditions by consuming healthier, more alkaline foods while reducing the intake of acidic foods. It is not necessary, however, to give up your favorite foods, but rather to replace them with healthier alternatives. Be sure to implement these guidelines at a reasonable pace to ensure permanent results in both obtaining and sustaining a healthy way of life.

Blue Waters



“You can’t NOT improve your life with this course!”

I Love it. I have learned from it!!! It takes time for me to digest it because I have never put that kind of great wisdom into my mind!!! It is very valuable!!! I Love its wisdom!!! Thank You!!! ~C.J.

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