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Iridology is a comprehensive body-mind analysis that examines the intricate iris tissue that represents a map of the body, to observe states and conditions of each organ and body system. Through its practice, it can enable students & participants to learn about yours and others’ emotional and physical health, innate talents, abilities, or limitations, personality types, relationship attraction and compatibility, modes of communication, through the iris of the eyes while presenting implications of appropriate modifications that will improve overall health and well-being.  

Introduction to Genetic & Behavioral Iridology with Rayid Iris Types eCourse

  • This is a Level 1: Introductory course that provides an overview of the Rayid Model and the respective iris types, which discusses each of the different biological personality types. This course includes illustrations and the basic concepts of Iridology to prepare individuals for Level 2: Intermediate Iridology eCourse. Through the application of this course, you will learn how to identify your personality and health constitution and learn how to perform personality trait assessments while discovering your own psychological profile as well as others. This course comes with a complimentary digital copy of the companion booklet'Your Personality Blueprint' .

Blue Waters



“You can’t NOT improve your life with this course!”

I Love it. I have learned from it!!! It takes time for me to digest it because I have never put that kind of great wisdom into my mind!!! It is very valuable!!! I Love its wisdom!!! Thank You!!! ~C.J.

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