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Liberated Living's Preferred Membership Plan. Discounts on Everything Site-wide Discounts on Liberated Learning Courses & Products Access to Holistic Classes, Workshops, Events & Non-Certification Programs Discounts on All Accredited Certification Courses Access to Liberated Library (Books & eBooks) and Video Vault Access to Holistic Psychology Therapeutic Workshops Meditation, Mindfulness, and Therapy Essentials Access to 7-Step Therapeutic Workbook & PANACEA Workshops Discount on Supplements, Nutraceuticals, & Homeopathics Holistic Healing Tips and Tools Access to Wellness Plans & Fitness Programs Health & Dietary Guidelines Upgrade Your Mental and Emotional Psychology Recode Self-Sabotage and Limiting Beliefs Generational Healing with Genetic Recoding Techniques Group Sessions & Maintenance Care Included Benefit Clients, Family, and Loved Ones Blogs, Newsletters, FREE Downloadable PDFs, and Templates Become the Expert in Your Field Annual Practitioner Accreditation Membership (UPGRADE) Holistic Psychology Practitioner Diploma Program (UPGRADE) Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma Program (UPGRADE) Done-for-you Business in a Box (UPGRADE) Professional Training & Support (UPGRADE) Practitioner Practicum Certificate of Completion (UPGRADE)

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