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Holistic Psychology Workshop

8 Week Therapeutic + Certification Workshop

Service Description

About the Holistic Psychology Workshop: Are you ready to fast-track your results in - just 2 short months advancing both your personal and professional life? If so, join this high-leverage workshop where we will be training you in holistic psychology with the opportunity to become fully equipped with an internationally-accredited holistic psychology diploma and an immediate turnkey practice, while earning CEUs & CPDs! This unique, holistic psychology workshop will guide participants with a 7-Step PANACEA system using the therapeutic strategies of Genetic Recoding®, which is a holistic therapy that incorporates powerful mindset techniques to naturally activate epigenetic potential by recoding negative subconscious beliefs at the root, as well as genetically transmitted trauma known as transgenerational epigenetic inheritance (TEI). Registration: By registering for the 8 week workshop, you will have 1-hour each week in a therapeutic circle with an opportunity to improve your mindset and transform conditions in your life, and also receive a fully accredited diploma + turnkey practice, with the option to receive private 1:1 sessions and practitioner training. This is a limited time offer! Tickets include: $197 = 7-Week Therapeutic Workshop Member Plan $497 = Practitioner Diploma Workshop (workbook included) Member Plan $697 = Diploma + Turnkey Business-in-a-Box (workbooks included) Member Plan $1188 = Advanced Practitioner Workshop (with training + 1 on 1 sessions + Turnkey Business-in-a-Box & workbooks included) Payment installments & certification available with Member Plan! Continuing Education & Professional Development: Total number of CPDs & CEUs accredited hours are listed below for each program: =1100 total accredited hours for the Holistic Psychology Practitioner course =8 total accredited hours for the Holistic Psychology therapeutic workshop with additional $47 purchase of therapeutic workbook =2 additional approved hours for completing the prerequisite course (FREE eBook/audiobook included in workshop). See ticket offers!

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