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Therapeutic Holistic Psychology Workshop

Holistic Psychology Certification

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About the Holistic Psychology Workshop: If you're ready to fast-track your results in - just 2 short months to enhance both your personal and professional life, then join this high-leverage workshop where we will be introducing advanced holistic psychology & genetic recoding strategies with the opportunity to become fully equipped with an internationally-accredited diploma and an immediate turnkey practice! In this dynamic holistic psychology workshop you will rapidly achieve extraordinary results within 8 weeks; you will recode inherent programming to attain ideal goals, whether it is related to mental or physical health, career, finances, a new home, relationships, friendships, or any other desire set for 2023. Each week, we will offer powerful recoding tools with psychotherapeutic exercises that are designed to remove setbacks to success and heal core, sabotage patterns and beliefs that you're ready to address and master. Holistic Psychology & Genetic ReCoding: This workshop will guide participants with a 7-Step PANACEA system using the therapeutic strategies of Genetic Recoding®, which is a holistic therapy that incorporates powerful mindset techniques to naturally activate epigenetic potential by recoding negative subconscious beliefs and genetically transmitted trauma known as transgenerational epigenetic inheritance (TEI). This unique, holistic psychology workshop addresses the "whole" scope of the individual on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual), including psychosomatic conditions (physical symptoms of psychological trauma), and is ideal for those seeking fast-track healing solutions and personal life mastery with proven healing methods that we'll be covering. Registration: By registering for the 8 week event, you will have 1-hour each week in a therapeutic circle with an opportunity to improve your mindset and transform conditions in your life, and also receive an internationally-recognized diploma + turnkey practice with the option to receive private 1:1 sessions. This is a limited time offer! The workshop will keep you on track and solution-focused to ensure you see your goals though to fruition to offer the most to your clients! You can earn 1 hour of continuing education (CEU) & professional development (CPD) hours or 8 hours after completing the full 8-week workshop! Join this session for free, or take advantage of the Early Bird special with a Member Plan at checkout! We look forward to welcoming you then!

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