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Advanced Level Holistic Behavioral Iridology

Advanced Behavioral Iridology Diploma Course III

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Overview: Previous experience is required for taking this course. This advanced diploma course covers: *Level 3 Advanced Rayid Iridology and comprises the integration of both wholistic and behavioral iridology, featuring the primary personality types, emotional, behavioral, and physical models of iridology. *This program outlines the essential core of personality and genetic behavioral patterns adapted from the Rayid Model® as the four major Iris types. *Students and course participants will receive a personal copy of 'Your Personality Blueprint' which is a digital and downloadable guide, and they will need a working knowledge of each level before advancing to the next course level. About Iridology: Iridology is a comprehensive body-mind analysis that examines the intricate iris tissue that represents a map of the body, to observe the states and conditions of each organ and body system. Holistic Iridology and behavioral iridology unify the mental, physical, and emotional facets of the whole individual. Via the combined practice, it can enable course participants to learn about emotional and physical health, innate talents, abilities, or limitations, personality types, relationship attraction and compatibility, and modes of communication, while presenting implications of appropriate modifications that will improve overall health and well-being, serving as an invaluable a tool for practitioners.   Level I, Introductory Holistic Iridology: $14.99 Level 2, Intermediate Behavioral Iridology: $97.00 Level 3, Advanced Behavioral Iridology: $197.00 Level 1-3, Advanced Behavioral Iridology + Business-in-a-box: $397.00

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