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Liberated Living's online accredited courses and programs provide course participants with unconventional wisdom and tremendous value with all-encompassing healing modalities that are internationally recognized, utilizing therapeutic techniques comprised of natural and holistic education. Liberated Living's unique "heal as you earn" self-healing and certifying courses teach proven strategies that provide a foundation to other healing modalities enabling us to tap into our minds DNA potential to achieve self-mastery and thrive in our professions. 

Our specialized programs allow participants to go at their own pace and convenience. Choose the perfect course or diploma program for you, whether you:

  • Simply want the healing benefits for you and your loved ones,

  • Your desire is to develop the healing techniques to become your own coach, healer, or therapist, 

  • Become the expert in the emerging field of holistic healing,

  • Or, if you want to build or expand your meaningful coaching, therapy, or healing practice. 

*Payment Installments are Available with Membership Plans*

Online Holistic Educational Courses Designed for Participants and Professionals
Students & Participants

Students and Participants

Liberated Living has unique, online healing self-study eCourses for individuals, couples, and families, that guide course participants step-by-step to overcome personal limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors by breaking core generational patterns, which is the shortcut process to get to the root of self-healing on a genetic level. When we choose to be the chain-breaker with generational healing, we get to the root of the matter quicker, and for the long-term - liberating the entire family.

Practitioner & Professional Diploma Courses


and Professionals

Liberated Living's unique "heal as your earn" self-healing accredited diploma courses enable course participants to obtain a certification as a qualifying practitioner upon completion of any of the advanced courses and exams as a core prerequisite to demonstrate competency and become the expert in their industry. Our Practitioner Level courses come complete with a "business-in-a-box” to fully equip professionals with the opportunity to have a thriving career.

From Participant to a Practitioner

Participant to Practitioner

Liberated Living's Participant-to-Practitioner courses allow participants to advance to the Professional Level accredited diploma programs & respective exams, should the participant decide to upgrade after completing one of the non-certifying, participant courses. This helps participants upgrade without repeating prerequisite course material while paying the difference rather than the full cost of the program, to expand or begin their professional reach as a certified holistic practitioner.

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